Ghanaians Want to See a Change for the Better – Rawlings

Still on the issue of NDC corruption, Rawlings says Ghanaians want change…

Despite being the founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), former president Jerry John Rawlings has refused to let the ruling party be. From his recent assertions, he implies that the party may not come out victorious in the upcoming elections as a result of the corruption bedeviling it in recent times as well as the hunger for change swelling up in the belly of Ghanaians.

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Discussing on how to strengthen institutions in an interview with The Guardian in Nigeria, JJ Rawlings says Ghanaians want change.

“They want to see a change for the better”, he said.

Still insisting that the people want to see a change, Rawlings explained that “a lot depends on the leader, his sensitivity, his will, his strength and determination”.

He pointed out that the number one [that should be the president], should be bold enough to identify the right people to take over and move to those institutions in an effective and efficient way. According to him, the leader should have a clear sense of direction and the passion to drive the change.

“Put your foot down, because those institutions are manned by human beings; and if those human beings lack the character, the strength and the spirit to be able to defy that which is wrong, then we cannot defend freedom and justice”, he emphasized.

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Using his own tenure of leadership as a point of reference, he said he never tolerated corruption. Explaining further, Papa J said he spent 30 to 40 percent of his time looking out for tell-tale signs of corrupt behaviours and lifestyles in his people, considering the fact that they are the ones that would do about 70 percent of the job the leader wants to get done. This he said, helped him to bring the best out of people. Continuing he said,

“My style was to provoke the needed consciousness and invite the involvement of our people so that you had moral outrage from the general populace. So, even in your villages and workplaces, you can’t misbehave and get away with it. I don’t have to have a policeman there. We don’t have enough policemen. But the moral outrage of the society is a dynamite. It is a weapon waiting to be used and utilized. The people were policing themselves for the just course.”

While admitting that this step against corruption may be intimidating to many, the one time president stressed that the developed countries are what they are today because they have not destroyed their moral outreach.

As Rawlings says Ghanaians want change, some may begin to wonder exactly what he means. Does he really want the NDC out of power, considering his recent defense of Nana Addo as incorruptible and immaterial?

Howbeit, his point appears to be very clear here that his advocacy i against corruption and not any particular individual or party. But if you think otherwise, we are gladly waiting to have your views at the comment session!