Ghanaians, Please Accept The GITMO Two – Chief Imam Pleads

Contrary to the view of Christian groups in Ghana,The National Chief Imam Sheikh Osmanu Nuhu Sharubutu is pleading with Ghanaians to accept the two ex-Gitmo detainees because he believes they pose no threat to national security and that they deserve a chance to practice their human rights.

As we can see, this grossly contradicts the opinion of some civil society groups, and various Christian groups including the Christian Council concerning the acceptance of the duo. The Chief Imam expressed his compassion for the two ex-convicts whom though have a crime history, he believes have given up everything that has to do with crime.

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We  recognize this plea by the Chief Imam from a recent statement made by his spokesperson, Sheikh Aremeyaw Shaibu, saying that the ex- Gitmo detainees deserve a chance to be re-integrated into the society as they have had their human rights violated.

From the responses that we got and from the considerations of the Muslim side, we are satisfied by those explanations, and we appreciate the government’s compassion, we appreciate the fairness of government,” he said.

On humanitarian grounds it is possible for us to be able to reintegrate any person that has a history of crime, but once that person has given up his criminal attribute, his humanity must be respected… Our religion considers that, compassion to anyone who is in need is a duty.”

He equally went ahead to say that they acknowledged the fact that the government would never do anything that will jeopardize the security of citizens of the country. This he said to trash the previous views coming from the opposing groups that the government disregarded the security of the citizens by accepting those two.

We appreciate that government is a responsible government that would not plunge Ghana into any security crisis.”

This can also be likened to the opinion of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Hannah Tetteh who said the duo posed no threat to national security as they were only foot-soldiers in Al Qaeda who had no say in the operations of Al Qaeda. She added that the decision to accept the two was arrived at after a consensus was reached between a the President and the national and security agencies, meaning that it was ascertained that hosting the duo was not a risky or careless move. She said this because of the very many whom have been threatening to sue the government for disregarding national interest by accepting to host the two ex-gitmo convicts.

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