All You Need To Know About Ghana’s BRT Transport Service

Ghana’s BRT system on Monday began a pilot test of operations in some parts of Accra by offering free rides to commuters, and to improve transportation system in Ghana

Some residents in Accra on Monday, September 26, began enjoying free rides aboard the newly introduced buses as part of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service. Ghana’s BRT transport service commenced test operations on Monday with 9 buses plying the Amasaman – Achimota – Circle –Accra route. The buses are to serve hundreds of commuters for free starting from yesterday [Monday], till Friday, as part of test operations of the service. The project is aimed at relieving Ghana commuters, and improving transportation system in the country.

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The service will be extended to ply other major roads in Accra within the next 12 months. Over 250 buses have been procured to provide the rapid transport service.

Quality Bus System

A new name “Quality Bus System” has also been given to the project, as the 40-passenger seat buses do not have dedicated lanes as expected. Greater Accra Passenger Transport Executive (GAPTE), who are the implementers of Ghana’s BRT service, came up with the name, because there were currently no dedicated lanes, which is a critical element of any BRT system.

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Indeed, there are some outstanding features, which proves that a lot of work has been put into the project. Included in the features of the BRT bus are; free wifi, e-payment system, centralized air condition system, special seats for disabled people, ans also special seats for pregnant women and aged, to mention a few.

BRT service suspended

It has been reported that the BRT service has been suspended due to the non-registration and lack of insurance of the buses. Another reason given for the suspension by officials of the BRT system, is to enable them train the drivers on how to efficiently use the system.