GhBase: ‘Shatta Movement Were The Brain Behind The Donation’ – Jordan Revokes Statement

Just yesterday, it was reported by GhBase that popular dance hall musician, Shatta Wale never made any donations at the police hospital as he claimed on his social media posts. However, after proper research was made on the issue which greatly annoyed Shatta’s numerous fans, contradictory information was gathered.

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The head of the Living Saints Ministry, Jordan Alpha has refuted that claim by stating that, the whole donation ceremony was masterminded by Shatta Wale and His Movement and that Shatta Wale was the one who financed the whole thing. In a Facebook Post, Jordan Alpha wrote:

I would want to apologize to the general public and all L.S.M members if I might have sent the wrong signal to them concerning the donation at the hospital….. I personally confirm that SHATTA MOVEMENT were the brain and financed the donation…at the children ward at the police hospital… dont know how the signals went out wrongly but it not too late to push the truth…. Big ups to SHATTA MOVEMENT. #‎SAINTALPHA“

According to information gathered by, Jordan, who is also a man of God doesn’t want the issue to become a bone of contention between his NGO, LSM and Shatta and has thus decided to let the public know all was masterminded by Shatta Wale, even when in reality that is not exactly the case.

It was gathered that, a man who’s a very close friend of Shatta Wale and also a member of Shatta Wale’s Movement made a larger sum of the donation and asked that, Shatta Wale be used as an icon for the donation, because he has a huge fan base. Hence, although Shatta Wale is not directly the person that made the donations, the person who did is also a member of the Shatta Wale Movement and Crew. Based on this, we may not really conclude that Shatta lied in his post which reads:

Today we donated some items to the police hospital in Accra-Osu. Since this was the hospital I was born in, I and my shatta movement management and crew decided to visit the childrens ward. We will be visiting most hospitals as time goes on.”

Meanwhile, we never meant to blackmail the dance hall musician as we had nothing against him but only give out information based on reliable information. In the case of further discoveries on the issue, we’ll still update you. Below are people’s posts on social media as gathered by Ghbase yesterday that made us believe Shatta Wale should not be given the credit for the donations:


ghbase 1 ghbase 2

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