Ghana Health Service Search For Two Staff Who Embezzled GHc500m From A Hospital

What armed robbers do with a gun, some do with a pen. It has been revealed by the Ghana Health Service (GHS) that two hospital workers have embezzled up to GHc500 million meant to be used for hospital logistics. GHS is currently on the case of these two named Asilenudzi Hayford and Francis Dagbale.

According to the Minister of Health, Alex Segbefia, these two manipulated figures in different cheques and diverted the money meant for buying drugs and for other health services at the hospital into their respective accounts. He said this at the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) hearing on Thursday.

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The culprits can be said to have done what is unacceptable and illegal in all ramifications. About one of the culprits, Mr Alex Segbefia said that he was initially sentenced to 10 years imprisonment but in place of that was made to pay GHC2,500, “so he paid the amount and was released which has left us with the unhealthy position of now going for a civil court to retrieve the money.” he said.

This simply means that the man has paid for his crimes but the Health Ministry has to go through the necessary protocol needed to retrieve the money.

Mr Alex Segbeifa also praised the Health Ministry and of course PAC for a job well done, saying they have done well in their bid to eradicate corruption in the health sector. Furthermore, he expressed his disapproval and disappointment concerning the culprits and their crime. He said that the culprits even got a more lenient judgement, because he has seen more merciless or severe judgments.

He continued that in some cases, the defaulter is given a judgement for the crime committed and also asked to pay the full amount, of which he would be sentenced to jail if he doesn’t pay it. This simply means that one can be fined, still go to jail for non completion of full amount, and also continue to be in debt after he comes out.

Reports on the second culprit are yet to be discovered. The Health Ministry is working tirelessly to see that these two pay intensively for their crimes.

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