Your V*gina Should Be Used At Your Sole Discretion!– Gifty Anti Advises Young Women

Radio and TV personality, Gifty Anti in a recent episode of her ‘Standpoint’ show served it hot to the ladies with an epic theme. Gifty in the episode called on ladies to take control of their lives and and decide what to do with it.  This recent episode had the title; “Own your v Young lady”.

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In the show she advised ladies to be in charge of their body with all the emphasis on the vagina.

According to her, “As a young lady, you should decide how to use your vagina, whom to give it to, where to break it that is if you have not yet so that in the future, you do not regret it”.

Gifty Anti wants all ladies out there to be very careful with men so as not to regret anything in future. Apart from the moral aspect she also said it was important for a woman to guard her private part because she could also contract deadly infections which she would live to regret.

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She said this buttressing that some ladies contract HIV/AIDS on their first encounter, and that she knows someone who it had happened to.

She Urged ladies to have a lot of respect for their bodies. “Sometimes, we look back to how we broke our virginity and we have regrets, you look back and say damn, did I really do this with this person”, she continued.

She said that most of the times the guilt of those mistakes comes when one has become successful in life. Gifty took the whole episode to encourage women to have a critical examination of thought before accepting to be with any man.

Gifty’s show discusses issues affecting women on state broadcaster Ghana Television (GTV). The ace broadcaster in October 2015 got married to Ana Ansah Kwao who is also a well known broadcaster and the Chief of Edumusa.