It is difficult to generalize the reasons why schoolgirls fight in school, as each situation may have its own unique factors. However, some common reasons for fights among schoolgirls include conflicts over romantic relationships or crushes, jealousy, rumors and gossip, social status and reputation, bullying or harassment, and misunderstandings or miscommunications.

School life is one of those moments of your life you won’t be forgetting soon. There were the good moments and the bad; quarrels with our teachers, sneaking from classes, punishments, homework, visiting days, suspensions, sports, contests, the list is endless. In simple terms, school days will always be fresh in your mind; you will always share the stories with workmates, friends, spouse, children and eventually grandchildren. We are always proud of what we went through at school.

However, school was also marked with moments of poor decision making which occasionally resulted in meaningless contests and even fights. Damn, why is it that people are so willing to get into fights at school? And why does it always have to be girls fighting over “nothing?” Well, maybe it’s never really “nothing” in the first place…

Here are 10 Unthinkable Reasons Girls Fight at School

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1. Jealousy

Jealousy in girls is known to cause almost half of all their school fights. It starts with the simple things like one saying the other is not as pretty as she makes out. Or Susan could talk about Mary’s hair looking out of shape. These things happen and when they do it’s usually a case of arguments giving in to feisty fights.

2. To gain attention

Some people just fight to show their might. You’ve heard them talk about so and so “can’t dare me, I could tear her to pieces” or in the lines of “you mean that skinny” so and so “beat you?”

3. Because of the boys

Girls develop relationships with humans of the opposite sex from a very tender age and are always willing to fight to keep them. As they grow up, relationships of this kind become even more meaningful so much so that no other girl should come close to her “man.”

4. She reported me to the teacher

Ha-ha… no school girl likes being reported to the teacher, not even by her best friend. Whether the offense was life-threatening or not, it’s much better if the teacher found out on her own. If you are the one doing the reporting then you will have a quarrel.

5. She doesn’t corporate with the rest

Some people are naturally antisocial; they will always stay away from the rest. They are always doing things on their own and most of them are very good in class. But the moment the group feels you are not on their side they will start blaming you for all their troubles. In the end they could single you out, become your worst enemies and pick frequent fights with you.

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6. Some have learned it from mum and dad

If her parents are always fighting; she will be fine with doing it too. Some could even dare the boys to a fight having seen her mum do it. In some cases, the parents are always fighting every day and it’s all in front of her eyes so she will want to do it too.

7. She is in the wrong company

Girls who are in the wrong company don’t need a reason to start a fight. She is used to seeing her friends fight and is always willing to get involved. These are the kind who easily tease the other, mockingly laugh at fellow girls or even initiate the odd shoving. Call them bloodthirsty and you would not be wrong!

8. Play turned sour

Everyone is enjoying this new play, say a thrilling game of football. Then one makes a painful tackle on the other and sportsmanship is thrown out of the window as the two start throwing blows at each other. Sometimes it’s a game where people take turns to play and when my turn comes the others find a reason to leave! Ouch, that’s painful.

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9. Friendly fights

These two girls are great friends but a small disagreement arise between them. Mercy answered a question wrongly; everyone in the class laughed at her answer and so did her best friend Jane. On their way back home the two could easily pick up a fight!

10. Aggression

Aggression is the cause of most fights not just in children but amongst all humans. If she used an abusive language on you, you may want to throw one back at her. Soon you are daring each other and a fight becomes inevitable. Girls are just girls, if you pull her hair she won’t care if it was accidental or not, she will want an explanation.