Gitmo Saga: Hanna Tetteh Said ‘Nothing’ During Parliament Briefing – Manhyia South MP

Want to hear what happened about the Gitmo 2 drilling on Foreign Affairs Minister, Hannah Tetteh? Well, nothing happened. According to reports, no tangible issue could be made out of the ‘closed door’ meeting by the Parliament with Hannah Tetteh concerning the acceptance of the two Yemenis.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Manhyia South, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, has accused government of deliberately withholding the facts and details surrounding the transfer of two Guantanamo Bay ex-detainees to Ghana. Parliament had summoned Hannah for a closed-door questioning concerning the issue, so as to get some details of the transfer. All ears have been on the ground for the outcome of the meeting.

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As agreed, Foreign Affairs Minister, Hanna Tetteh, appeared before parliament for briefing on February 19 over the hosting of the Gitmo two who have been in the country.

But then, according to some reports, Manhyia South MP was said to have stormed out of the hearing early because he felt the Foreign Affairs Minster was not addressing the pressing issues in the Gitmo deal. Speaking to media personnel after storming out of the meeting, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the way the meeting went.

According to him, Hannah Tetteh resisted addressing the issue with objectivity, or rather did not take the bull by the horn. Hear him:

Hanna Tetteh says there is an agreement, an agreement Hannah wants to keep in her bosom. She wants to keep in her bosom. I don’t know why, and Parliament has not been given a copy of that agreement.”

Manhyia South MP continued, stating that he was perturbed as to why she didn’t mention the reason why the government decided to accept the two Gitmo Detainees.

He said the minister rather resorted to speaking about other countries who have sometime accepted their nationals whom are ex convicts from the Guantanamo Bay back into their country. But the MP said that in Ghana’s case the duo are not Ghana nationals and hence cannot be compared to the cases of the other countries. He buttressed his point, saying:

What she refused to say, which I am scandalized by is: all those countries were admitting their citizens back home… these are Yemenis who have no relation in Ghana who even their own country has refused to accept them.”

He extensively frowned at the closed door meeting since the minister’s briefing was grossly insignificant to the issue at stake. More so, Minority MPs had equally kicked against the closed door meeting, demanding that all Members of Parliament ought to be present at the briefing.

I’ve always stated that what they are hiding is more than what they are telling if they cannot discuss even with the people’s representatives.

Meanwhile, nothing more has so far been said on the issue.