Gitmo Saga: Minority MPs Threaten To Impeach Mahama Over GITMO Two

Reports say that minority MPs are bent on pushing for the president’s removal from office if he fails to make public the agreement between the government and the US leading to the transfer of the two Gitmo detainees into the country.

The Minority Members of Parliament have threatened to impeach President Mahama over the two ex-Guantanamo prisoners who moved into the country following an agreement between the US and Ghana.

The Minister for Foreign affairs Hannah Tetteh had also been summoned by the parliament to make explicit, details of the transfer of the duo. She is set to brief the parliament on February 19 which is on Friday. It has however been gathered that the briefing would be done in a closed sitting.

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Just as expected, the minority MPs are kicking against the decision to sanction Hannah Tetteh in a closed door meeting. They are alleging that government intends hiding the real facts from the public. The minority MP’s are requesting the agreement should be made by a general vote in the parliament.

According to the spokesperson of the minority, Attah Akyea, who spoke to Starr FM, people of Ghana need to know whatever agreement that was made between the US and their country concerning the Gitmo two, especially as their security is a major concern.

If it is legitimate agreement, you would not ratify an agreement in secrecy. That agreement should be in the public domain so that everybody will understand that we have not bargained off our security”, he said.

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With Ghana’s acceptance of the Gitmo two, government has been faced with many criticisms from Ghanaians who pressed that the government disregarded national security by accepting them. Hannah Tetteh too who seems to be feeling the sting of the bee, was also not left out in the mouth lashing.

We will keep you posted on any unfolding stories on this issue.