Gogpayslip is an online electronic payslip designed for government employees in Ghana. It is an intelligent e-payslip system managed by the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) of the Government of Ghana.

The e-payslip system was introduced on the mechanized payroll by the CAGD on 13th October 2013, with the aim of improving service delivery on the payroll.

Why You Should Go for Gogpayslip

The Government of Ghana electronic payslip comes with a variety of advantages over the old hard copy payslips; both on the part of the staff, and the government. Some of them include;

1. Easy, faster and improved access to pay information: with GoGPayslip, public sector workers can now have access to all necessary information on their salary history via any internet-powered electronic device, anytime, anywhere!

This simply means that with your mobile phone, PC, or MAC, you can view your payslip whether at home, at work or off on a holiday, as long as you have an internet connection.

2. Security Guaranteed: The electronic payslip is much more secure than printed payslips. Just like your ATM card, the e-payslip can only be accessed using a strict individual employee ID and password, which is known to the staff alone.

Moreover, all E-Payslips are backed-up on a regular basis to preserve them in case of any technical problem.

3. Ability to view previous payslips: Unlike the hard copy slip which is usually given out one at a time, Gogpayslip affords you the option of viewing as many payslips as you wish, as long as they have been processed and loaded by the Controller and Accountant General’s Office. This means that you will always be able to access your most recent payslip online, in addition to all previous E-Payslips as often as you like.

The site also avails you the opportunity to know your gross deductions and net payment before proceeding to the bank to withdraw your salary.

4. More Efficient Service: The E-Payslip helps the C&AGD to meet its commitment to making workers’ payslips readily available, effectively serve GoG staff, as well as correct some of the logistics challenges faced with the delivery of printed payslips around the country.

How To Register and Access Your E-Payslip

You can register as a new user, as well as view your e-payslip in the following simple steps.

1. Obtain your special registration code/pin from your Head of Department or Management Unit.

2. Log on to www.gogpayslip.com. You will be faced with the web page with the outlook below:

3. Click on REGISTER FOR E-PAYSLIP at the right side below the page. You will be taken to an electronic registration form with the following outlook. Follow the instructions therein to register.

After a successful registration, go back to the home page of www.gogpayslip.com to sign in. From now onwards, you will only need your employee number, password and the shown security code to access your e-payslip in this sequence:

  • Enter your employee number
  • Enter your Password
  • Enter the code shown there correctly
  • Click on Sign In

After a successful sign in, the page that opens is the interface of your ePayslip account with several icons that will guide you to access your payslip, as well as do other necessary things. Click on any of the icons, depending on what you want to do.

Important Facts You Should Know about E-Payslip

1. Outlook: The layout of the E-Payslip is the same as your current paper payslip and does not in anyway affect the amount you receive.

2. Access: You only need an internet connection to view your e-payslip. However, if you want to save your payslip on your computer or pen drive, then you will need a PDF reader to enable you to view your payslip. Most computers today have a PDF reader already installed.

3. Print Copy: E-Payslips can be printed in the same way that you would print any other document when using a pdf viewer. Simply select the print icon in the pdf viewer, which will appear above your payslip. Your payslip will print on your default printer.

4. Availability: E-Payslips will normally be available as soon as the processing of salary reports are completed and loaded. You will receive formal notification that your E-Payslip is available to view via an SMS on your registered mobile phone or e-mail.

5. Caution: As with any confidential information, it is advised that caution is exercised when using shared computers, or computers in shared offices or public areas. Adhere to the following precautions for security purposes:

  • Don’t leave your office with your computer still logged on to www.gogpayslip.com, either log off or lock the computer.
  • Don’t share your password with anyone.
  • Change your password if you think your security is in danger of being breached.

The Gogpayslip website is however designed in such a way that it normally logs off automatically once the system in use has been idle for more than 6 minutes.

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