Government To Reintroduce Teachers Training Allowance

President Akufo-Addo has promised that his administration would from September 2017 restore the teachers training allowance that was previously scrapped by the past administration.

This, he said was to encourage and motivate teachers to carry out their jobs properly.

The president made this known while speaking at the 21st congregation ceremony of the University of Education Winneba (UEW) held on Saturday, the 29th of July.

Akufo-Addo said that the greatest key to achieving national success and transformation is to ensure the availability of well-trained and motivated academic teachers and lecturers.

He promised that his government will increase her partnership operations with higher institutions throughout the nation in order to raise their overall standards.

Akufo-Addo, in his speech, listed a number modern countries who owe their success to teacher quality.

“Almost all modern, successful societies that have had outstanding results in training and economic development such as Singapore, Finland, Korea and Canada have shown that teacher quality is the single most important determinant of their successes,” the president said.

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He also promised to restore the teaching job to its former glory and to make it one of the top-preferred career choices out there by ensuring that teachers and lecturers are properly motivated to carry out their duties.

“For us also to make a success of our nation, we must pay attention to teachers. It is only a crop of well-trained, self-confident and contented teachers that can deliver the educated and skilled workforce we require to transform our economy,” the president added.

Akufo-Addo also commended the UEW for leading teacher training in the nation and for spearheading distant learning.

At the ceremony, the university graduated about 10, 587 students in various fields with 1,464 of that lot becoming certified professional teachers. 6,000 graduated with bachelor degrees, 3,675 with diploma certificates and 904 postgraduates.

The president said that in his government’s support to improve the livelihood of teachers, special incentives would be introduced for teachers including support for teachers to become owners of their own houses in collaboration with the Ghana National Association of Teachers, NAGRAT, and other teaching associations.

This, he said would be done in order to “facilitate an affordable housing scheme for teachers.”

The president also added that one of his goals for the nation is to see its universities rank at par with top universities in the continent.

To achieve this feat, the president said that universities should channel much of her resources towards innovation and research which would “ensure that our graduates from our educational institutions enter the labour market well-equipped with skills for good-paying jobs.”