Gov’t Can’t Yield To Organised Labour’s Demands – Haruna Iddrisu

Reports have it that the Organised Labour demonstration which held on Wednesday had no significance to the government as it have said that the demands of the demonstrators cannot be met at the moment.

This was revealed by the Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Haruna Iddrisu who said that the demands that were pronounced during the demonstration are not economically feasible as that would cripple the economy of the nation.

He added that even though it would be a good political move by the government, it is also not a good economical move. Also, President Mahama stated that he would he would not let the demonstration by the people pressurize or push him into doing things that are detrimental to the health of the nation and the economy.

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On Wednesday, thousands of workers were seen with their different placards protesting to the sky-rocketed increases in taxes and utility tariffs. The  demonstration had the motive of persuading or rather making the government reduce the increased taxes and utility bills which equally started this year. These workers also demanded a 50% increase in their salaries to enable them foot the increased bills initiated by the same government.

Labour Union has many times met with the government to consider the increment it planned to implement this year. But these negotiations were to no avail as the government had gone ahead to implement what it had originally planned.

The Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) announced earlier in December 2015, that electricity and water tariffs would go up by 59.2% and 67.2% respectively. These increases had taken effect from December 14, 2015. Haruna had initially said that the increase in utility tariffs and the rest of them was to help President Mahama fulfill his promise of fixing the country’s energy crisis once and for all. This he said during one of the meetings with Organised Labour who were pushing for a reduction.

President Mahama had gone publicly to encourage citizens to appreciate the decision of the government because it was necessary to resolve the energy crisis situation. Having had their request denied, Organised Labour then mobilized workers from all regions to join the demonstration on January 20 to protest against the increments.

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