Govt Finally Restores Scrapped Nursing Trainee Allowances

This is definitely good news to Nursing Training institutions. Following their agitations over the scrapping of Nursing trainee allowances, government has finally decided to restore the allowances. This was revealed in a statement signed by the Minister for Health, Alex Segbeifa.

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Considering the huge amount paid by government in the form of allowances for each trainee; government had decided to scrap the allowances in order to remove the restrictions on admission to the various training institutions. Simply put, the rationale behind the move was that; the huge amount spent by government on nursing trainee allowances led to restrictions on admissions into schools – as a way to control government’s budget.

Government had said that scrapping the nursing trainee allowances will make room for more students to be admitted into the training institutions. The move was however resisted by the students, especially as most of them rely on the allowances to support themselves in school.

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The agitations of the students then led to the government setting up a committee to address the issue. After much deliberations, the committee concluded on restoring the allowances. The committee recommended the “payment of an abated allowance with a possibility to migrate them onto the students Loan Scheme.”

The committee also stated that, “the payment amount would serve as a bridging mechanism pending the amendment of the Students Loan Trust Act, to enable students in non-tertiary health training institutions access loans to support education.”

Having said that, 34,500 students who are currently pursuing various levels of health professional training across the country, will receive a payment of GHc 150 per month. The Health Training Institutions Secretariat will provide further information on the new development.