As we vaguely construct a list of the world’s greatest geeks of all time, certain names cannot afford to be absent from the listing. Coming from the dark ages, there were lots of things the human mind couldn’t comprehend let alone accept, therefore these thoughts and concepts were deemed extremely impossible. Now, however, a look into the present has shown us that just about anything the mind can conceive can most surely become reality.

In truth, these great minds might not be that popular in the public eye for varied reasons one of which is the fact that most of them were born many years ago, however, their immense contributions to humanity in terms of  technological advancement and more cannot go unnoticed; in fact their achievements are what an average man would likely refer to as a miracle. Without overthinking it, a larger portion of the world’s most renowned faces do not match-up the IQs behind these featured greatest geeks that once happened to live on the face of this earth. Curious to discover who made our list for the “6 greatest geeks of all time,” take a look.


6. Nikola Tesla


There are a thousand and one evidences that support Nikola Tesla as one of the greatest geeks of all time. You might just have to remember him for the alternating current, that he played a big role in getting it invented. This is what stirred the war between him and his counterpart, Thomas Edison; who is acknowledged for the invention of direct current. He was the mastermind behind the pioneering of X-rays. He stemmed everything concerning X-rays starting from the kirlian photography to the precursor which laid a foundation to the current X-ray used in medical diagnosis.

5. Guegliemo Maconi


Guegliemo Maconi who was initially credited for inventing the radio lost to Nikola Tesla in court when it was found that Nikola Tesla had first invented the radio years before Maconi. These are just but a few of the inventions he pioneered in highlights of electric motor, robotics, laser beams and the wireless communication. His name might not be listed as one of the inventors, but he played the background by laying the foundation for the most of what is presently being termed as the greatest inventions of all time.

4. Isaac Newton


When compared to the geniuses like Archimedes, Aristotle, Einstein among others, Isaac Newton emerges at the top. Commonly known for unleashing the universal law of gravity, but his discoveries go deep by setting the elementaries behind what we have in the current technological realm. His books back up most of his discoveries that rank him as one of the greatest geeks of all time. You can visualize the kind of genius he was when you look at his ability to be the first person to calculate the speed of sound, the mass of the moon and the entire time for science history.

3. Bobby Fischer


Bobby Fischer is a chess game geek who perfected in the game at the early age of 6. He was the youngest grandmaster in chess when he was crowned the title in 1958. He later dropped out of school at the age of 16 to pursue a career in chess. He is the first chess professional that is credited for defending the world’s chess championship title for the longest time all in a row. He won 20 titles simultaneously before losing one to the former world’s champion, Tigran Petrosyan.

2. Ludwig Van Beethoven


Ludwig Van Beethoven was a German legendary musician and pianist. He was influential in the classical music and he is regarded as the best composer of classical music to ever exist in the faces of the earth. He is a music geek who still managed to create, play and perform music when he was totally deaf. The world of music remembers him as one of the most brilliant minds to ever exist in the music scene.

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1. Albert Einstein

Greatest geeks

He is a great scientist whose mind was found to be deficient in some parts, but extra-powerful in other parts. His brain had the largest corpus collosum than any average person could have. He is the great mind behind the development of the theory of relativity and quantum physics. He is best known for deriving the mass formula equation; E=MC squared, which is dubbed as the world’s most popular equation. He was a physics geek who also won the physics Nobel price in 1921.