Top 20 Greatest Songs About Love

The word love has been defined in many ways, but in whichever way you may want to define it, the fact remains that everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants to rely on someone especially at the moments of depression. Love is such a good feeling but most times causes depression if not handled carefully. One of the major ways that love is been preached today is through songs, these songs are called love songs. Hardly do you hear a music today that does not have one or two lines talking about love, it is not a surprise that people fall in love with such songs, it buttresses the point that human beings are wired to love, humans are also attracted to lovely things. Love songs can come in different forms, it can be a song talking about heartbreak, falling in love or quitting a relationship, they are all talking about love, hence we can refer to them as love songs. Love song is not a contemporary thing, it has been around for centuries. love songs can come in the form of R&B, Jazz, Hiphop, Raggae etc, all you need to do is listen to the lyrics to figure out what they are talking about. Are you doing a compilation of songs for your wedding ceremony, anniversary or valentine day celebration? We would recommend love songs. And to make is easy for you, here is a list of top 20 songs about love.

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Top 20 Love Songs To Put Yourself in the Mood

1)  “Kiss From a Rose” – Seal

2)  We Found Love — Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris

3)  My heart will go on — Celine Dion

4)  Angel of Mine – Monica

5) You’ve Got A Way – Shania Twain