Bride Collapses During Wedding Ceremony as Groom Was Arrested for Robbery

The most unusual struck on Saturday during a wedding ceremony at the Aldersgate Society Methodist Church at West Anaji in Takoradi when the groom was whisked away by police officials just at the time he was about putting a ring on his bride’s finger.

The church cathedral was filled to the brim, and as is usual with wedding ceremonies, the atmosphere was full of life and excitement.

The service progressed normally until after the couple, Aaron Ackah and Rebecca Buah were done with the exchange of marital vows. The next thing was for them to put the wedding rings on each other’s fingers as being directed by the officiating minister. But this never happened as two police men in mufti stormed the church and whisked the groom away for suspected robbery.

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Everyone was extremely astonished at this development and the bride suddenly collapsed as it dawned on her that her marriage has come to a most embarrassing and disgraceful end. Some of the guests went emotional and broke down in tears because of the unexpected turn out of the event.

As efforts were made to revive the bride, Rebecca, the groom, Aaron was taken to Prestea for further investigations.

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According to reports the men were from the SWAT division of the Rapid Deployment Force and the Prestea division of the Ghana Police Service in the Western Region. It was also gathered that the security agents used the wedding invitation card to confirm the groom’s identity. He was then traced to the church and arrested in connection with a robbery incident in Prestea.

Aaron Ackah, according to police sources allegedly robbed a Chinese small scale miner of an amount of GH 18,000 4 days ago at Aniamote, a small community in the Wassa Amenfi East District of the Western Region. He also, in the process, inflicted knife wounds on victim’s left arm.