Hannah Tetteh To Be Queried By Parliament Over Gitmo Two

Alas! the much expected sanctioning of the Foreign Affairs minister is to come to pass. Hannah Tetteh, the Minster for Foreign Affairs is said to face the parliament over the acceptance of the two ex-Guantanamo Bay detainees who are currently in the country. Although the matter seems to had died down, the minister is to be queried by the Parliament on February 19.

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There had been lots of controversies following the acceptance of the ex-Gitmo detainees into the country. Most Ghanaians had felt the government disregarded their interest over national security, with so many iconic figures frowning against it. But it seems the matter has resurfaced again as the Foreign Affairs minister has been summoned by the Parliament concerning the matter.

Hannah Tetteh was believed to be a strong supporter for the acceptance of the Gitmo two, and had encouraged Ghanaians to accept them. She, being the Foreign Affairs minister also made it possible for them to be admitted into the country. Facts have it that she was the one who said the duo were ”only foot soldiers in Al Qaeda” and hence, posed no threat to national security.

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A Member of Parliament’s Committee on Defence and Interior, Major Derrick Oduro had said earlier that he would ask other members of the parliament to summon the minister and question her concerning the  Gitmo saga. He said the parliament would demand answers as to why the government did not consult them before accepting them.

‘The minister must appear before Parliament and brief us so that the people will put out their fears”. he had said.

Kofi Osei Ameyaw, who is a Member of Parliament (MP) for Asuogyaman had also moved for Hannah Tetteh’s questioning concerning the duo, so as to clarify some aspects of the deal with the United States. He had also said that the government’s explanation for accepting the duo has not been convincing enough.

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All ears are still on the ground to hear the outcome of the summon of the Minister for Foreign affairs.