Shatta’s Album Launch: The Dance Hall King Warns All Haters to Stay Away!

Shatta’s album launch which is slated for April 29 is expected to be the bomb. Shatta Wale speaking on YFM, sounded a ‘note of warning’ to haters who might want to disrupt his show. He has warned haters to not to attend his album launch as he doesn’t want any trouble from anyone.

The Dancehall King made it clear that the show is not at all for haters but for people who appreciate him. He has said that he doesn’t want any hater to come to his album launch. However Shatta said that any hater who wishes to come should drop his hate attitude on getting to the show.

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The Shatta Movement (SM) lord took time to reveal what is to be expected at the album launch. From his assertion, his new album was created and engineered by him alone ranging from the songs to the production. According to him, all the songs in the album were written by him, he didn’t feature any artist, and he produced the album himself.

And for this, he said he will be performing alone on the night of the album launch. He also said a documentary including videos and records about him would be shown on the night. So, the album launch is basically about the dancehall king alone.

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The official launch for Shatta’s album ‘After The Storm’ has been very much anticipated among SM fans and the general public as well.

According to some reports, Shatta’s album launch would be free for fans. He said its his way of giving back to his fans. Many fans who just can’t wait to watch their favourite artiste perform had taken to social media to appreciate Shatta for his kind gestures.