Fix Our Roads In Two Weeks Or We Block Them! – Ho Chiefs To Government

Ho Chiefs are threatening to ban all political activities in their areas to enable them to fix their roads, as they have been neglected by the government.

Traditional authorities in three communities in the Ho municipality of the Volta region have given government a two-week ultimatum to commence construction works on their access roads. The Ho chiefs have said they would resort to blocking the roads to vehicular traffic and declare a ‘three month of communal labour’ to fix the roads themselves with the help of manual tools, should government fail to respond to their demand

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The chiefs consist of paramount and divisional chiefs in Kpenoe Takla and Hodzo communities. Speaking at a press conference at Kpenoe on Tuesday, Togbe Kotoku XI, the paramount chief of Kpenoe traditional area said that that they feel very neglected by the NDC government especially at the time when Ho township roads are being asphalted. He explained that the roads linking the three communities to the Volta capital, is the worst road network in the municipality.

He revealed that some other roads in the municipality are being fixed in preparation for this year’s election, but theirs has been excluded from the exercise. Although a bulldozer was seen clearing shoulders of the roads, the Chiefs believe it is one of the government’s tricks, for political gains. Togbe Kotoku also pointed out that they have complained to the government several times to no avail, hence the ultimatum.

He has therefore called on the government to commence work on their roads in no later than two weeks. Dwelling on the   roadblock, Togbe Kotoku said that if the government fails to comply, they would block roads leading to the area and declare a three months of labour to fix the roads.

This move is sure to disrupt road networking in the area, but it seems the Ho chiefs are willing to take the blame for any negative outcome. The Kpenoe paramount chief also went further to say that all political activities in the traditional areas will be banned, to ensure that people remained committed to the work on the roads.

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Ho residents from the three traditional areas, had last month, staged a mass protest over the municipal assembly’s inability to get the road fixed. Describing the roads as a death trap, they had threatened to boycott elections should constructions not commence on the roads.