Hold Your Ministers Accountable – ACEP To Mahama

Following the all acknowledged pendulous moves towards tackling the dumsor situation in Ghana, the Executive Director of the African Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP), Ibrahim Adams  has called on President Mahama to make a drastic move by demanding that all ministers be held accountable for inefficiencies in their various sectors.

He said this following the opinion of the people that the government has been chasing their tail in trying to avert the dumsor situation. He went ahead to say that this can be achieved by decreeing that all ministers publicly declare their plans and what they are going to achieve upon resumption of duty. To buttress his point, he brought up the recent incident of the former Power Minister, Kwabena Donkor who resigned from office following his failure to fulfill his promises.

Mr Adams made it clear that just like the former minister who was made to publicly declare his promises when he assumed position, others should do the same so they can be held accountable if they did otherwise. He also added that the former Power Minister was not the only one who received the same faith in 2015.

This has a huge resemblance to the incident of The Minister of Transport, Dzifa Attivor, who had to resign the same year after the bus re -branding saga. Her resignation follows concerns raised over a contract to spray and brand 116 new buses procured by government to improve transportation in the country’s major cities to which it was discovered that up to GHC 3.6 million was spent.

According to ACEP’s Adams, this would be a very good move, which will help the government in streamlining the various sectors of the economy. It would also make appointed officials sit up as regards to living up to their expectations. Can Ghana be said to be going through a cleansing process?, we sincerely hope so.

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