How Much Do You Know About Joselyn Dumas? Here Are Interesting Facts You Never Knew!

Joselyn Dumas, (pronounced /ˌɔːsəlɪn ˈdʊmɑːh/) is a household name in the Ghanaian entertainment industry but a lot of Ghanaians could hardly say a few things about this wave-making celebrity. Almost all of us know that she is the popular Ghanaian actress and Television personality with formidable curves and alluring beauty. Then what more…? Get to know more about Joselyn Dumas: Here are very interesting facts about her you never knew:

1. Her Early Days

She was born Joselyn Canfor Dumas in Ghana on 31 August 1980. Joselyn spent her early childhood in Accra, Ghana and had her basic education at Morning Star School. After that, she proceeded to the Archbishop Porter Girls High School where she greatly developed her Entertainment talent and skills. Joselyn furthered her studies in the United States where she studied for 8 good years and earned a Degree in Administrative Law. Dumas was practicing paralegal until she relocated to Ghana.

2. Television Host/Personality

On Joselyn’s return to Ghana, she was supposed to enroll for a one year study in a law school, at the end of which she’ll be called to bar, but instead of that, she was drawn by her passion into media practice, abandoning law. That was around 2008 when a close family friend, Kofi Okyere Darko took her to Charterhouse. This led to her debut on Television as the host of Charter House’s Rhythmz, an entertainment show which saw her interview many celebrities. That same year, she became the co-producer of Miss Malaika, a GTV reality beauty contest, held from 2008-2010. She produced and hosted Rhythmz for one year before she was hand-picked by one of Ghana’s biggest Television Networks to host their first own produced flagship Talk show, The One Show, a feminine skewed talk show which tackles health, beauty, fashion, social issues, entertainment and personality interviews aired from 2010-2014. She is currently the host for a new TV talk show @ Home with Joselyn Dumas which is aired across Africa and parts of Europe.


She is also the founder and CEO of Virgo Sun Company Limited, a production entity which under her directorship, has already co-produced its first movie Love or Something Like that, endorsed by the UNAIDS. She hopes to produce as well as invest in more television programs or series like V Republic, an edgy television series produced by Sparrow Productions with Executive Production by VirgoSun.

3. Movie Actress

In the course of her television career, Joselyn also picked up acting. According to her, ‘you have to be a good actor to be a good presenter; the two go hand in hand’. As an actress, Dumas is well known in Ghollywood and Nollywood; she has featured in movies like; Perfect PictureAdams Apples, A sting in a tale, Northern Affair and most recently The Genesis. Perfect Picture, which she did in 2008 was her debut movie. And her role in the movie made a lasting impression on the director which led to subsequent key roles in other movies. Her role of “Jennifer Adams” in Adams Apples got her nominated for Best Actress in a lead role alongside Hollywood Actress Kimberly Elise at the 2011 Ghana Movie Awards. Joselyn Dumas has starred alongside some of Africa’s finest Actors like John Dumelo, Majid Michel of Ghana and OC Ukeje of Nigeria.

4. Family and Private Life

Joselyn Dumas was single-handedly raised by her mother who she so much adores, talks about often and expresses endless gratitude to for contributing so much to what she is today. On the other hand, she never likes to nor ever talks about her father. According to her, there was no relationship between her and her father. Her mom’s name is Bridget while that of her Dad who is now with another woman is undisclosed.

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Not many people know that Joselyn Dumas was once married, got divorced and also had a child. All these happened years back while she resided at the united states. She does a very good job of keeping her personal life private. But she’s not hiding the fact that she has a very beautiful grown up daughter named Senia. She once shared a picture of both of them in 2009. This is what she has to say about her past relationship:

… what I will say is that I think my ex gave me a beautiful daughter but I think that he also gave me a nice experience in the sense that whatever happens then, now, when I go into a second marriage, I know how to be patient. I know how to be tolerant, I know how to compromise because then I was young, I didn’t understand what compromise was all about. But then, the experience really taught me a lot.”

joselyn dumas

5. Joselyn Dumas Wasn’t Perfect From the Word, Go!

Looking at this stunning, near perfect woman, you may begin to think she never had her tough days and set backs in her career. This is absolutely not so. Joselyn Dumas once shared in an interview how failure during the days of humble beginning made her to work hard and become what she is today. According to her, she woke up one morning only to be faced with a Newspaper story on the back cover page with her picture and title reading: “Joselyn Dumas is not Cut for this Job”. She learnt from the details that she has been dropped by the production company she was working for then, with a list of her numerous weaknesses which led to the dropping. She wept sore but decided to work hard and make up for the lapses, and sure, it worked out well to what you are seeing today.

6. Rumour About Bloated Hips

There is a recent rumour that Joselyn Dumas has gone for a hip enlargement, owing to what her hips looked like in the last VGMA, compared to what it used to be. However, most of her fans believe she is too honorable to do such a thing and the claims remain unfounded.


7. Most Embarrassing Moment Ever

Joselyn Dumas’ most embarrassing moment of her life as a celebrity was the day she fell on stage in Nigeria’s weird entertainer, Denrele Edun’s shoes. How did it happen? While being interviewed by Denrele in Channel O’, he came up with the game of “truth or dare”, whereby, the interviewee, which is Joselyn must truthfully bare her life secret to the public or ‘dare’. Joselyn chose the later and Denrele removed his 12-inch-heeled heavy shoes and dared Dumas to dance in them! The rest is history…Lol!!

Watch video below:

8. Humanitarian Services

She believes in giving back to society, especially where children are concerned. Her passion for philanthropic work led to the establishment of The Joselyn Canfor-Dumas Foundation (JCDF) to help address the needs of vulnerable children from all backgrounds and regions of Ghana. The JCD foundation is currently undertaking a project with focus on Autism. She celebrated her 34th birthday last year with autistic children at the Austism Awareness Care and Training Centre in Kokomlemle, Ghana on Monday, September 1, 2014….


9. Awards

Joselyn Dumas has received a number of accolades and nominations for her hard work and contribution to her chosen field. She won 2010/2011 TV Personality of the Year and was judged the hottest Ghanaian celebrity in 2012 by 4syte TV. She was nominated by the Ghana Movie Academy Awards in 2011 for ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’ alongside Omotola Jalade Ekeinde and Hollywood Actress, Kimberly Elise for her role in the 10 chapter movie series ‘Adams Apples’. Dumas won the 2012 Global Radio and TV Personality nod for Best Female Entertainment Show Host of the Year with The One Show on Via sat 1. She also won the 2013 Ghana movie awards in the best supporting actress category for her role in “Northern Affair”.

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10. Trivia

Joselyn Dumas says she hates it when people pronounce her name wrongly. That’s exactly one of the reasons I included the right pronunciation of her name at the introduction so that you don’t fall a culprit to the crime of calling her things like ‘Justin’, ‘Jocelyn’, ‘Jose-phine, etc.

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In case you’ve fallen in love with this most admirable woman, just as I’ve done, you can meet her via these media: @joselyn_dumas on Twitter and Instagram and Joselyn Dumas(official) on Facebook.