How to Check Your WASSCE, BECE, GBCE Results Online in Ghana

Many questions have been asked regarding how to check your exam results online in Ghana. The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) is an examining body that offers reliable academic assessment. The WAEC was formed back in 1952. Its objectives are twofold. Conducting examinations; this is done in the interest of the public. It also awards certificates. The council has an online exam checker that ensures students can conveniently log in and check their results. 

How to Check Your WAEC, WASSCE, BECE, GBCE Exam Results Online in Ghana 

How to use the Result Checker

After accessing the WAEC website, you need to go to the exam checker. You are then required to enter the index number on the space provided. You then have to choose the type of examination that you sat for; it may be BECE, WASSCE or GBCE. Select the year in which you sat for the examination. The scratch card has a Personal Identification number (PIN). You then have to enter the 12-digit pin number in the slot provided. This number is a requirement if you wish to access this service. The PIN comes in a plastic scratch card that features a scratch patch on its reverse side. You are then required to confirm the year you sat for your examination and index number. The purpose of this is to ensure that the examination information provided is accurate. The last step is to click on the submit button. Wait for a few minutes for the display to appear. The WAEC website also provides relevant information regarding where scratch cards can be bought. The cards are on sale in WAEC branch offices that are located across Ghana. It is also possible to pay for these cards through VISA card. It is also possible to pay the examination fees online.

Services available

Result checking is one of the services offered. This enables the candidates to see their results online. Result confirmation is also facilitated. The candidate may request the Council to send them their results; this is done by post. Result verification is also offered. This makes it possible for the candidate or institution to request for the verification of their results. The result of the verification is then sent to the candidate or institution by post.

Candidates can only check their results up to three times. You will need to have a scratch card each time you check out the results. One scratch card can only be used to check the results of one candidate. You will need a new scratch card to either confirm or verify any other result of interest. 

Exam Results Online in Ghana - How to Check Your WAEC, WASSCE, BECE, GBCE Exam Results Online in Ghana

Problems in checking the results

Just in case you have problems checking your results, you will be glad to know that online support is available. When facing such a problem, it is advisable to send an email to online support through a link provided. 

Review of Scripts

It is possible for individual candidates and schools to request for a review of their examination scripts. This is done after the results have been released. The review request may be as a result of a candidate being dissatisfied with their performance. It may also be driven by a school’s desire to know just what might have led to a particular performance.

The reviewing of the scripts is done to help stakeholders in correcting any defects that may have been present during teaching. It also helps to identify the weaknesses of the candidates and understanding how they answer the questions. The worked scripts are only kept for a period of 3 months after the release of the examination results. Therefore, all script review requests have to be done before the three months elapse. The review of these scripts is done at a fee that is also periodically reviewed. 

The review requests have to be formally made through the Senior Registrar and Head of  Test Administration Division. The chief examiner’s report is also available for candidates of head teachers’ who may be interested. 
Other information

The WAEC website also provides other relevant information such as the examination entry fees. Exam malpractices are also highlighted here. Information regarding the certificates is also offered in great detail. The online application process for the same is fast and easy to ensure the candidates are not inconvenienced. Examination statistics are also available for anyone who wishes to use them for analysis or comparison purposes. The result checker has ensured that candidates can check their results easily and conveniently.

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