Its no magic seeing popular entertainers in their well trimmed beards, sometimes I feel they glue them to their faces, or probably have applied some kind of chemical that stops them from growing. If you’ve been wondering like me, well here’s the answer…SCISSORS AND BEARD TRIMMERS DO THE TRICK!. There you have it.

For any fashionable man out there, his looks is one of his best assets. Most modern men truly want to appear neat and presentable any time they step out be it for a formal occasion or simple leisure outing, but of course, as easy as it is to grow the beards one cannot say its that simple to groom it. A lot of men who want to join the “Beard Gang” have little knowledge on how to go about it to get the best styles that fit their face. This brings us to the steps you should take when growing and styling your bearded goatee.

There are different types of Beard styles ranging from moustache, soul patch, goatee, Balbo etc. But we are concentrating on Goatee. A goatee is equally of different types: A traditional goatee is that which is limited to the hair under the chin. A Van Dyke is one which is disconnected from the moustache; then, there is the circle beard goatee which is connected to a moustache. Regardless of these definitions, they are all termed goatee. So If you want to grow one here’s what you will need to do.

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Van Dyke Goatee
Van Dyke Goatee

1. Allow Your Beard to Grow: If you want to grow a goatee you will need some sizeable amount of beard on your face. So you can leave your beard unshaved for about a week before embarking on the journey. By then you would know how your beard grows out, hence if you can style a goatee that will suit your face.

2. Decide the Particular Kind of Goatee you want: The aforementioned kinds of goatee would help you in making this decision. You can also check some magazines to see the different styles there are, because it is good to style a goatee that fits your face

Circle beard goatee
Circle beard goatee

3. Let The Cutting Begin: Run your comb through the beard to straighten tangled hair. The big choice comes down to using scissors or a beard trimmer. A mixture of both ways can be used to great effect by using scissors to cut the longer hair away and then using the trimmer to add the finishing touches.  Start brushing below one ear and use the scissors to cut any hair showing through the comb. When both sides are finished, you need to concentrate on the more tricky area below the chin. Use the same technique for the chin as you used on the sides. No matter what kind of goatee you’re shaping, make sure that both sides match symmetrically.

4. After The Cutting Comes The Trimming: Most beard trimmers include different sized selectors that make it easy to clip your hair down to assorted lengths for various occasions. Be careful and make sure you have the right attachment added before trimming. Once the trimmer is set up, you might want to begin trimming by following your jawline. Trim both ends of the sides on the style you have chosen. Use the trimmer to provide definition on your neckline.

traditional goatee
Traditional goatee

5. Keep It Neat and Clean: Not only ladies use shampoo on their hair. You also can do that. Use shampoo to wash your goatee from time to time. Use conditioning products on it to avoid dryness. Always ensure it is neat using your trimmer

Using a beard trimmer is the primary alternative to scissors and it takes less time to achieve the preferred styling. If you already have a beard trimmer you know how valuable they are. But, if you do not possess one, you could always pick one up at the local store or pharmacy. Always make sure you have the right attachment added before trimming. Always take your time as rushing to cut your beard generally results in an uneven finish with an unclear definition.  With training, you’ll turn into the authority on grooming and maintaining your beard.

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