Reignite the Spark: Here Are 9 Ways to Keep the Love Alive In Your Relationship

In trying to reignite the spark in your relationship, here are some things you can try out with your partner; to get back into a more romantic partnership rather than a disconnected one…

… And yes! its few days to Valentine’s day; love is in the air. Everyone is fantasizing, gift shops are clustered and lovers are planning. Everyday should be the season of love, but February 14 has been carved out for a global celebration of love.

Its a month when lovers -married or unmarried, celebrate what they share. However, not everyone seems to be feeling the vibe that comes with valentine’s day. While some can’t wait for the 14th of February; others are as a matter of fact nervous about what they should do with their partner, having long lost the feeling of togetherness. Yes; here we mean there are lovers out there who have lost the cuddly and giggly touch in their relationships.

If you’ve been in a long-term relationship whether in marriage or dating; you’ll understand that it can be tough to keep the passion from the early days of your relationship alive. Sometimes, couples get caught up with work, kids and other responsibilities; that they hardly make out time for each other.

How to Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship

Owing to the facts, some couples always look froward to this wonderful season of love to rekindle the spark and affection they once shared.

In trying to reignite the spark and affection you once shared with your lover, here are some things you can try out, in order to move back into a more romantic partnership rather than a disconnected one

1.Try Something New Together

Never be ashamed to admit to each other that your honeymoon phase is at a fleeting stage. Once you are courageous enough to admit this; your’re taking a step closer to getting back the passion in your relationship. Here, doing something new together can mean a lot of things. its not just about going to a fun place, doing a kareoke, and whatnots together -those are very nice too.happy couple4

You can consider things like taking a class with your partner, cooking together, shopping together; anything you haven’t done before. Trying something new sparks excitement and you and your lover could use this excitement to get yourselves back to the good old days. Create something together: For some couples, that something is children.

2. Take a Vacation -Just the Two of You

Taking a vacation comes with a sense of thrill and newness. Think about spending some quality time with your spouse, somewhere away from home. I bet you’re already feeling the thrill. Studies have shown that for women in particular, getting away is important. This will help take her mind off the chores, children -at home; to be able to devote her whole time to her man. happy couple5

3. Reminisce Together

Reminiscing together about the good old days, brings a nostalgic feeling that can be put to good use by a couple who feel they’re growing apart. Think about the days when you kept each other awake all night with your sweet nothings; the way you gazed aimlessly at your spouse for no reason, the way you laughed out loud at the slightest jokes, the way you did things without being asked to and the moment you said “I Love You” for the first time. happy couple3

Got the idea? Try this with your partner. Every relationship has got its sweet beginnings and sharing these sweet memories together will go a long way in helping you get back to the days when it was all hot, fun and thrilling. It is really a good idea to sit together and recall what attracted you to each other in the first place.

4. Get Naughty

What happened to your intimacy; the days you both got naughty with your words and actions? take it back to those days. Take it back to the days of naughty questions and jokes. Asking each other fun questions is a great way to open new conversations and get to know each other better.

happy couple6

On a very good day you can have such conversations with your hearthrob, it could be about sexuality or something naughty. Those series of intimate and yet revealing questions can get you the tingly spark you so desire and even help you to know your partner better, enhance your communication and pave way for a healthier relationship.

Get naughty in bed too. Experiment together, new ways of satisfying each other during sex. Turn on the flirt; being sexually suggestive adds excitement to any romance. Try those naughty things you both have never done together in bed. This brings a sense of newness, freshness and satisfaction.

However, if both of you don’t feel very horny in each other’s company just yet, don’t force sex into the relationship; let it come to you naturally.

5. How Powerful the Sense of Touch Is

Never underestimate the power of touch. Studies have proved that romance keeps the spark alive in relationships more than sex itself. Kissing, hugging, caressing and whatnots may contribute more to relationship satisfaction than frequent sex. Its not all about the sex; reduced physical affection might just be the major reason why you’re feeling so far away from your sunshine. happy couple7

To work on this, cuddle up in bed, share hugs, hold hands when you are out together; pucker up. It’s easy to get caught in the daily web of things and not have time for a hug or to hold hands. Though it might not mean your love for each other has grown an inch less; these little acts of love help keep the intimacy alive.

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6. Give Compliments

Gratitude, compliments, kind words; these sweet ways of saying ‘I Love You,’ are simple things that help keep the love alive in relationships. Give each other compliments, this will help you see each other in a more positive light. Thank him for helping you out with the dishes the other day, this will help him feel more appreciated rather than taken for granted. happy couple8

Did she just make an unarguably delicious meal? thank her for it -say it in the sweetest way possible, she’ll appreciate it. Gratitude is a key component of successful relationships. It can foster a sense of well-being and openness with your partner.

7. Keep The Mystery Alive

While it is good to share everything with your spouse, it is also important to maintain excitement in any relationship. There are so many ways to keep the excitement alive in your relationship. happy couple9

From well planned surprises, to unpredictable advances; these are sure ways to keep your partner in love with you. Monotony does tend to set into relationships after a while. Such unpredictable but pleasant gestures can go a long way in keeping the vibe alive. Surprises can come as gifts -at home, at the office or anywhere, fulfilled promises and many more. A little bit of mystery can help reignite the spark and find you that missing romance.

8. Leave Love Notes

Trying to reignite the spark? try the old school way. Certain gestures which we consider things of the past, can actually go a long a way in bringing back the spark in relationships. Leave her a leave note on the bed.

love notes

Make a little time out of your busy schedule to send her a love note. Try the”hey love, how’s your day going? missing u right now” kind of message. She will surely appreciate it.

In the digital world we’re in now; its easier to chat her up via numerous social media platforms, but a text message can still go a long way in keeping things interesting.

9. Make Out Time For Each Other

It is very important to spend some time alone as a couple doing anything -talking, getting a good massage, or just chilling -anything at all. During this time, cut out phones and other things that might distract you. happy couple

Turn off the television at mealtimes and in the bedroom; just have some you and I time with your spouse. This can help you give each other full attention and feel connected.