“I Can Enter Banks In Spirit And STEAL Money…” – Daniel Obinim [Video]

The controversies sparked off by Bishop Daniel Obinim saying he could transform into anything ranging from snakes, other kinds of animal, trees and other objects is yet to die down.

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While we were busy thinking he should be finding means to address the criticisms he has gotten so far based on this, the Bishop rather brags that he is ‘one in town‘ since no other pastor has made such claims so far. Now, he has released yet another bombshell!

This time around, the founder of International Godsway Ministries, Bishop Daniel Obinim says he has the power to break into banks in the spiritual ream and cart away cash which he’ll share to needy members of his church!

As ridiculous or maybe annoying as it sounds, it is quite bizarre that the so-called man of God was not even mincing words while saying this. To a much greater surprise, his speech received loud cheers and applause from listening congregation.

He further explains that he could keep the ‘stolen’ money at the doorstep of any member of his choice, or instead, pay it into his or her bank account.

Watch video below:

Daniel Obinim is popularly known for his various antics, acrobatic shows and controversial statements with which he bamboozles his ignorant and brainwashed followers. It is quite unbelievable that even at this point, any negative comment against the supposed man of God is still greeted which much hostility and harsh criticisms from ‘fellow’ Christians.

Although he has been severally criticized and cautioned by some fellow ministers, Obinim continues to tread on unrestrained in a path that could easily be termed that of ‘sorcery’ from all indications.