“I Can Turn into Any Animal; Even A Snake and Kill” – Bishop Obinim

The controversial founder and minister of the International Godsway Ministries, Bishop Obinim has claimed that he has supernatural powers to transform into any kind of animal in the spiritual realm, including a snake or a dog to bite an enemy to death.

This he said while being interviewed on his OBTV channels few days ago. Bishop Daniel Obinim explained that he can transform into a snake and enter any room, bite his target and disappear afterwards. He therefore warned people not to dare him as he is yet to fully unleash the spiritual powers bestowed on him by his master ‘Jesus’.

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He further revealed that he once transformed into a snake with Jesus by his side who also transformed into a lion and visited someone.

…a pastor like me who can turn into an animal, I can even turn into a snake and bite you…I can turn into a snake, enter your room [referring to the host] and after biting you, I will vanish. The next morning, there will be reports that someone has died from a snake bite [laughing] and I would have caused that death,” he said.

Watch the video below:

Meanwhile, Bishop Obinim has stirred up huge criticism after these claims with that of the British High Commissioner to Ghana, Jon Benjamin being the most prominent. Jon Benjamin challenged the Pastor to turn into a snake as he said. Not in the spiritual realm but live on TV to convince all of his ‘God-given supernatural powers’. Jon Benjamin who doubted if there are people who believes Bishop Obinim commented on the issue in a Tweet.

While on the subject, does anyone actually believe this? Why doesn’t he do it live on TV to prove it to all of us?” he asked.

He retweeted a story from the BBC – What will stop the rise in bogus preachers in Africa? And added, “A very pertinent question: “What will stop the rise of bogus preachers in Africa?” Are there any such here in Ghana?”

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Even people who don’t know Jesus and are developed spiritually can transform into anything, how about a prophet who says he can?”However, contrary to the doubts of the British High Commissioner, there are actually people who believe the minister to the point of defending him. Among them is Cwesi Oteng, an award winning Gospel musician who took to his Instagram page to admonish his followers to desist from criticizing Bishop Obinim since to him there is nothing wrong with his claims. He said:

What Obinim said, I don’t doubt [it] because I believe it is possible. Don’t join the slanderers, they are satanic broadcasters. And God bless Obinim. Spiritual things are foolishness.”

Doesn’t this sound incredible? Please, let’s know your own stand on the issue at the comment session below.