“I Have Neither Smooched Nor Kissed Becca” – Bisa Kdei Affirms

Bisa Kdei has spoken out yet again to debunk the initial rumours of him being in a romantic relationship with Becca. If you recall, it was rumoured that after the launch of Bisa Kdei’s second studio album, “Breakthrough” last year, Bisa Kdei was seen making out with Becca in her car in the dark.

The news circulated across the country, with different versions of the incident in the media. This was when it was almost proven that the two were an item. However Bisa has trashed those rumours saying that nothing of that sort happened between them.

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According to him, he only accompanied Becca to her car just like he did with most of the celebs who graced the event. Bisa said he escorted these people to their cars in appreciation for gracing his album launch.

Bisa Kdei’s second studio album, “Breakthrough” on December 18 last year took place at Gold Coast Bar and Restaurant, located inside Club 45 premises. It saw so many celebrities including Becca who was also seen with Bisa.

A source from Ghbase had reported that Bisa was seen in Becca’s car parked somewhere in the dark, kissing and caressing her on the night of the album launch. It was also reported that one of the writers followed the two and swore he found them making out. However, the ‘Mansa’ hit maker who spoke to Zionfelix.com has said all those are ‘fabricated stories’.

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Fans of the two and the general public were shocked when they both came out separately to debunk rumours of their being in a relationship. Bisa in an interview had said they are just friends and that Becca knows he has a girlfriend. Becca also in an interview said the same, putting the rumours to rest.