‘Only Immature People Divorce their Spouses on Grounds of Adultery’ – ICGC Pastor

Speaking on Kasapa FM’s Afisem programme on Saturday, the ICGC Pastor opposes divorce on grounds of adultery saying that, no one on earth is above mistakes.

Here is a pastor with an entirely different view on marriage and divorce. Pastor Stephen Yedu, Head Pastor of the ICGC Paraku Estate in Accra, has said that it is not wise for people to opt for divorce in marriage on grounds of infidelity.

Speaking on Kasapa FM’s Afisem programme on Saturday, the ICGC Pastor opposes divorce on grounds of adultery  saying that, no one on earth is above mistakes.

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The pastor who said his views are founded on bible’s principles, said the institution of marriage is sacred and should last forever. Pastor Yedu on the programme said that, one should prepare his mind before entering into the institution of marriage, as it is no child’s play. He stressed that anyone who leaves his or her marriage because the other partner has committed adultery, is immature for marriage.

The man of God explained that no one is entirely perfect. Therefore, all adults should come to terms with that fact, before getting into marriage. He noted that people should go into marriage bearing in mind that their spouses are not saints and as a result, may fall victim to sexual immorality.

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The pastor pointed out that marriage is between two mortal beings who are subject to imperfection, because “every human being is susceptible to sin.” The pastor went as far as making reference to angels in heaven. According to him, there have been cases where angels who are sent to earth for an assignment, have refused to return, because they had fallen for beautiful ladies on earth.

There have been criticisms from the public against the pastor for making such assertions on radio. Some who have criticized the pastor are of the view that such comments could encourage infidelity in marriages, since he insists spouses should forgive the act – which he sees as no big deal.