‘Ghana Is Not Ready For November Polls’ – IEA’s Jean Mensa

The forthcoming November election has drawn a lot of attention from all sectors of Ghana. The IEA is definitely not left out in this. A recent report has revealed that the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) is worried about the country’s readiness for the election.

This was made known by the Executive Director of the IEA Jean Mensa, who said that the nation is currently immature for the November polls. She expressed the fears of the IEA as regards the voting exercise.

According to her, the electorate is not  properly mobilized yet as regards the electoral process. She said the Electoral Commission (EC) needed to start a voter education exercise to sensitize Ghanaians on their civic duties, to ensure accuracy come November.

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The Presidential primary elections in Ghana had always been in December, but the EC had in October last year moved the election date a month earlier to November. Parliament equally played a vital role in aiding the processes required to change the voting date for the general election. The EC had said the reason for the date change is to give time for the EC to organize a run-off election should the need arise.

Although all hands seem to be on deck in preparation for the election including the drafting of election timetable, Jean Mensah is still not satisfied with the level of preparedness for the polls.

 “I’m not hearing of voter education, the dialogue seems to be among the political leadership, those who are in charge of managing and running the elections,” she said.

Bearing in mind that the elections are only 8 months away, she urged the EC to raise awareness and organize sensitization programmes to enlighten and mobilize the electorate about the election and for the electoral process. Jean Mensa joined Ghana’s Institute of Economic Affairs in 2000, and later became the Executive Director in 2009

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