If Wishes were Horses – Here Are Celebrity Relationships We’d Love to See

There is little or no secrecy about a celebrity’s life, that is why almost everybody down there pries into even the most private aspect of there lives. We know when they are spotted with a new “Dick” or an old “Harry”. We see when they embrace one “Mary” and when they discard another “Martha”. Such is the lives of celebrities! While some people wish them bad, seeing them as proud fellows, some others really wish them well and pray hard that every good thing sensed around them becomes a reality.

Recently, there are some Ghanaian celebrities who have been spotted around severally in couple-like manners and a lot of their fans are wishing hard that “it” comes true. Many of us would really love to see these predicted relationships come to be.

Likely Ghanaian Celebrity Relationships We’ll Love to See:

Samini – Becca

Samini is a celeb who openly admits to keeping more than a woman at each point in time of his life. Recently, it has been discovered that he is also keeping an eye on Becca. But we sincerely wish that it happens, and as a matter of fact, turns into something much more MEANINGFUL…