NPP Gave Out the Craziest Economic Plan I’ve Ever Heard; Beware of Their Lies! – Mahama

President John Dramani Mahama has lambasted the running mate of the New Patriotic Party, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia over his constant comments about Ghana’s economy being in a state of crises. In his reaction, Mahama warned Ghanaians to ignore NPP’s lies, as well as their economic promises which he described as the “craziest economic plan he has ever heard”.

There have been attacks and counter attacks between the major opposition New Patriotic Party and the ruling National Democratic Congress over the real state of Ghana’s economy. While the opposition party has been creating fears in the minds of the people, saying that the economy is in crisis, the ruling party has been giving assurances that all is well with the Ghanaian economy.

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The NPP’s running mate, Dr Bawumia has always pointed out reasons for Ghanaians to believe that the economy has gone bad under the Mahama-led administration. He has also stated on several occasions that the President and the NDC are corrupt and incompetent. However, the President has always shifted the accusations back to him.

Moody’s Upgrade Brouhaha

Recently, the argument over whether an international credit rating agency known as Moody’s upgraded the country’s economy from B-negative to B-stable has been going on between the President and the Veep hopeful. Speaking at a rally in Afienya in the Ningo Prampram constituency, the President assured party supporters that the economy is stabilizing, calling on them to ignore NPP’s lies about the economy.

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According to him, there are both local and international evidences to attest to the the fact. He pointed out specifically that the Cedi is currently the best performing currency in Africa. He also noted that Moody’s have upgraded Ghana’s economy from B-negative to B-stable.

Prior to this, Bawumia has dished out his own side of the story, arguing that Moody’s never upgraded the economy. Nevertheless, Mahama described Bawumia’s claims as lies from someone who calls himself an economist.

NPP’s Economic Plan, the Craziest…

Still speaking at the rally, Mahama attacked the NPP over the economic plans they unveiled during their manifesto launch on Sunday. According to the President, the NPP’s economic plans are unrealistic and bound to destroy Ghana’s economy.

He argued that the NPP’s plans to reduce and scrap taxes would plunge the country into debts as they will end up reducing the country’s revenue thus, spending more than they earn. He wondered where the opposition party will get the money to finance development if they remove taxes, levies and duties.

…If you look at that economic plan they showed Ghanaians, it is unworkable, it will ruin this economy, it will take inflation back up, it will raise interest rates and it will put us back where it just came from and so it’s the craziest economic plan I have ever heard.

The President has also stated that it is normal for any opposition to give the electorate the impression that all is not well in the country so that they can score cheap political points. He however warned Ghanaians to ignore NPP’s lies and not to fall for Bawumia’s economic fear-mongering.