‘I’ll Debate Mahama If It Will Solve Ghana’s Problems’ – Nana Addo

It’s on between the two front-runner Presidential candidates for the November elections. Flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Nana Addo has accepted to go on a debate which President Mahama proposed earlier. According to Nana Addo, he is ready to debate the President if that will solve the problems faced by the country.

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Mahama had during an interview challenged his opposition Nana Addo to a debate to counter the contentious remark made by him and his party against the National Democratic Congress (NDC) government. He said NPP’s Addo has made several controversial comments about how the country is being run, and that only a debate would disclose the truth about his administration.

Nana Addo Accepts To Debate Mahama
Nana Addo Accepts To Debate Mahama

Nana Addo subsequently took to twitter to declare his acceptance to go on a debate with the President, to discuss national issues ahead of the elections come November.

“Will President Mahama debating me solve Ghana’s problems? If so, then I am ready to debate him any time, anywhere and any day,” he posted on twitter.

NPP leader Nana Addo and his party have been known to make several disregarding comments about the Mahama led administration. Nana Addo had presented his own version of the State Of The Nation Address presented by Mahama, to counter the achievements of the President and his administration.

Calling it the Real State of The Nation Address, he debunked several key achievements asserted by Mahama. He said the President was out of touch with reality to have presented the address the way he did.

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Despite Mahama’s warnings to the NPP not to undermine the NDC achievements, Nana Addo seems relentless as he maintains his stand on the remarks he has made about President Mahama, and his first tenure administration.

The battle line has obviously been drawn between the two Presidential aspirants, and Ghanaians just can’t wait to know the outcome.