Update On Indian Rape Victim: DNA Shows Uncle Did Not Father 10-Year-Old’s Baby

Indian rape victim – It turns out the 10-year-old Indian girl whose uncle allegedly abused and impregnated was also molested by other men.

A DNA test has shown that the man accused of raping his 10-year-old niece on several occasions, did not father the baby she gave birth to last month.

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The accused – the girl’s uncle, was alleged to have raped the girl several times in the past seven months. The 40-year-old is still being tried in a special court dealing with crimes against children. He is in prison and has made no statement so far.

However, authorities were forced to reopen the case after forensic tests revealed that her baby’s DNA samples did not match those of her uncle who is charged with raping her.

This then raises speculations that the Indian rape victim may have been abused by other men. Although the accused has not denied molesting the girl on several occasions, there is cause to believe he is not the father of the baby.

The landmark headline of the 10-year-old pregnant girl left India and the rest of the world in shock.

The unnamed Indian rape victim was forced to give birth after the Indian Supreme Court denied her parent’s petition for an abortion of the fetus as they ruled it would be more dangerous to the girl’s health.

The Indian law allows termination only up to 20 weeks under conditions that continuance of the pregnancy would put the life of the mother or the child at risk.

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The family of the little girl got to know about her pregnancy when she complained of a pain in her lower abdomen. Her mother had taken her to the hospital after which a doctor confirmed she was pregnant.

The child was never told about her pregnancy. She was only told she has a big stone in her stomach and the bulge is because of that. The 10-year-old later gave birth to a baby girl through Caesarean section.

Even after childbirth, the Indian rape victim is still oblivious of what happened to her. As her family refused to have anything to do with the newborn, the baby is in the care of child welfare personnel and will be put up for adoption.