Inspector Bediako: Rebirth of TV Series Progresses as Scores Storm Auditioning

A two-day auditioning was held in Accra as part of the revival process of defunct television programme – “Inspector Bediako”. The auditioning was aimed at selecting actors, actresses, and other personnel that will feature in the TV series which is being prepared to hit our television screens once again.

The event was graced by numerous actors, actresses and so many other movie personnel, who came to avail themselves an opportunity to be selected, by showcasing their skills and talents based on scripts given to them to present.

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Ms Jamin Amoh, a former 4syte TV presenter and a freelance actress who auditioned said it is an excellent opportunity to act in a detective series to fight crime; adding that Africa needs it as a people to develop.

The organizers disclosed via a Facebook post that following the just concluded auditioning, potential actors and actresses will be invited to learn some skills, including the African Kapoeira Martial Arts.

Some sources also say that producers of the revamped series, Ninovation & NKB Production are concluding terms with TV stations to start airing the show.

About Inspector Bediako TV Show

Bediako in Akan language means “fight against injustice”. The Inspector Bediako series is therefore a detective television show that portrays a model detective and iconic figure, who wades through thick and thin to solve cases of injustice.

The TV programme was created by Mr Kojo Yankah and produced by Dateline Productions Limited in the 1990’s. Back the, it aired on television channels of Ghana, Nigeria and some other West African countries.

Inspector Bediako according to Mr. Yankah, is an iconic, intelligent and smart- looking figure, who leads a crack team of investigators to fight against crime, injustice, bribery, corruption, cyber fraud, among others in Africa.

Bediako’s team comprised Inspector Bediako, Ayesha and Teiko who useare insights, tip-offs, modern technology, and latest communication gadgets as well as a natural feel for information gathering to unravel and resolve mysteries of all kinds in such a manner that thrill television viewers.

The Inspector Bediako TV Series was initiated when Ghana Television had a popular German television series with an inspector named Derrick. It’s creation sparked off much excitement in television viewers back in the 90’s. This is especially because of its portrayal of a black character as a brilliant criminal detective, as against white characters which was what had always been obtainable.

Another striking quality of the drama was the Inspector’s partner, who was a woman; an aspect of the show that promoted women empowerment. The series ranked among Ghanaians’ top ten favorite television shows then. The central moral lesson of the TV show is that crime does not pay, and that one cannot succeed in concealing a crime committed, no matter where he or she runs to.

Recently, to the greatest excitement of Ghanaians and other lovers of Inspector Bediako, news broke that a team of young Ghanaian filmmakers are working to resurrect the beloved series and bring it back on air with the title: ‘Inspector Bediako – Rebirth: Who Saves the City’.

Reflecting on the Inspector Bediako show, Abdulahi Kojo Abass, one of those working towards reviving the tv series bemoaned the negative impact of foreign culture on the young ones. He recalled how Inspector Bediako used to work hard to put smiles on the faces of crime victims alongside “the wonderful xylophone sound track that create great feel for the show”. According to Abdulahi, the children today are missing out on ‘real’ childhood experiences which he was privileged to have.

I had a great childhood…and when I look at the current state of children of this generation, I see them to have missed what I can call the real childhood. The rate at which foreign culture has dominated us is teaching the young ones [has] a little bit of good [in it] and a whole lot of bad, Abdulahi lamented.

Abdulahi revealed that the team is liaising with Provencal Oscar, the actor who played Inspector Bediako, and Kojo Yankah the creator of the series, to strategize the much-anticipated comeback. Although he did not specify the exact time the series will be ready to hit the Television, he assured that it will not take much time.

According to Mr. Nat Lomo-Mainoo, Producer and CEO of Vision In Motion, wgho spoke to Ghana News Agency, the prospective audience for the tv series include the public, the youth, male and female, corporate Ghana, civil society organisations, working professionals, students, embassies and the diplomatic corps. He also hinted that the TV series would come live on the screens in the third quarter of the year.