Lilwin’s House Gift To Mum and 5 Lesser Known Facts About The Comic Actor

Popular Kumawood comic actor and musician Kwadwo Nkasah Lilwin, brought tears of joy rolling down his mother’s cheeks over the weekend as he presented her with the keys to a fully furnished house at Buoho in Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana.

The wonderful and surprising presentation was made to Madam Akua Afriyie aka Auntie Adwoa Offe on the occasion of her 70th Birthday which was on Saturday, 1st July, 2017.

The occasion was attended by few family members, friends and colleagues.

Speaking during the celebrations, Lilwin revealed that he built the house since four years ago but intentionally waited for his mother to turn 70 before presenting it to show his love and appreciation for all she has been doing for him since she gave birth to him. According to Lilwin, his mum has been very loving and supportive, and have also made many sacrifices to see him succeed.

Responding to his son, Ante Adwoa who was overwhelmed with joy and as well short of words, said she can only ask God to bless him.

Mother and son became emotional as they flashed back on all they have been through in the past.

5 Lesser Known Facts About Lilwin

1. Lilwin Strongly Believes He is handsome and ugly at the same time!

Lilwin has never bought the unsavoury comments being made about his looks. On one hand, he believes he is handsome enough for what he is doing.

Handsomeness to me is determined by a person’s eyes. I have the sexiest eyeballs that any movie actor can have and that makes me unique. Almost on a daily basis, I get admirers, mostly ladies, who tell me that I’m handsome, so I don’t know what those people are talking about, Lilwin once said in an interview.

On the other hand, the comedian cum actor believes he is not handsome enough for some other things career, saying pointblank that he would not have gone into comedy if he had good looks.


2. He is a JHS Graduate

The comedian cum actor stopped his education at the Junior High School level. He reportedly finished from the Kenyasi Abrem Junior High School in the Ashanti Region, and is yet to further his education.

3. He has Starred in over 100 Movies

Kwadwo Nkansah ranks top on the list of favorite Kumawood actors, and has featured in over 100 Kumawood movies since he started his movie career. This could be attributed to his creative and comic talents which usually appeals to both movie producers and viewers.

4. Lilwin has Remained Humble and Disciplined despite the Fame

Despite his wide popularity, Lilwin has remained humble. Unknown to many Ghanaians, he is actually a very cool headed guy off the stage; those who has come in close contact with him will testify to this.

Lilwin made it clear that it is humility that has brought him thus far in his entertainment career He is not at all the type of actor that will allow fame or this celebrity thing to get into his head and is also a staunch Christian.

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5. He is Not as Old as Many Think

According to Lilwin, he was born in 1989, and so is just 28 years old. However, many thinks he is much older than this. But the actor made it clear in an interview that he will never lie about his age.