An internship is very important for any university student or graduate. Before you go out there to look for an employment or job, it’s important that you realize that most employers will usually favor those with more experience. This trend is obtainable in places like Ghana where employers will post a job vacancy and still emphasize on an experienced applicant. A lot of people complain about how they will not be able to meet up with the required experience if every employer is demanding for experienced applicants. The solution to this predicament in an internship as it serves as a good platform to gain experience. As this is inevitable, you should take a keen interest in finding internships that will increase your chances of landing a job. Below are some tips on how to apply and secure an Internship position or internships in Ghana.

Internships in Ghana

How to Apply for Internships in Ghana

You should note that internships are not that easy to come by. You have to explore different ways in order to secure an internship. If you are still studying, you might be lucky enough to be in an institution that offers help to their students looking for internships. The Institution may ask the students to provide a list of preferred companies they will like to intern with, after which they can apply for you.

This way always works well if your College or University has a good reputation and companies like to hire its students, you can easily be accepted. Otherwise, you might end up not getting an internship.

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Going solo in certain circumstance sometimes can be a good idea. First, you will have to do an extensive research on various companies or organizations that do have intern programs. And if you can find out the exact time they take their interns, that may also be in your favor.

After you have a list of preferred organizations or companies of interest, based on their intern intake dates, you can apply to each and every one of them. By so doing, you will increase your chances of getting one. You might as well get a good response on all your applications and if this happens, it is a good habit to accept one and then send an apology to the other companies as you never know the next time you will need their help.

The application is the most important part if you are to land an internship. Your application will represent you and your ability and what you can offer to the company, so be sure to make it count. Below are some few tips on nailing it during application.

More Tips on How to Successfully Apply for Internships in Ghana

Cover Letter

Understand what a cover letter should entail, ensure that you provide an engaging personal introduction, outline your unique qualifications to the specific qualifications that make you better suited for the position. This is where you can grab the employer’s curiosity so that he or she would take a closer look at your resume.

Address the company formally and professionally. Be specific and show initiative. Ensure that you state clearly you are applying for an internship.

Your cover letter should always portray your skills, even though you should avoid overselling yourself. It is quite important that you show the employer how the company will benefit. The best way to achieve this is by rephrasing the sentences that start with “I”.

 Clean Up Your Resume

The cover letter will lead the company’s hiring manager to look at your resume. The resume is the key for you to get the internship so ensure that it is pristine. Ensure that it has no grammatical error; it should be short, sweet, and simple.

Another good tip is to ensure that you get the application in on time. Always find out the deadline so as to submit your application right on time. Remember that companies receive thousands of applications so early delivery and first impression will play a great role if you are to get the internship.

In Conclusion

You might never get an internship from your dream company, but that should never discourage you from re-applying another time. Getting denied should only just get you encouraged to keep trying. Persistence and perseverance sometimes get noticed by the company and may just as well throw you a chance of your lifetime. The above are a few yet effective tips on How to apply for an Internship in Ghana. And if you get the internship ensure to give your best and you might as well be considered by the company for a permanent job.