Get Ambulances Ready for Nana, Mahama; I’ll Shock Them Come December 7 – Osei Yeboah

Independent Presidential Candidate, Jacob Osei Yeboah has said that ambulances that will convey Mahama and Nana Addo immediately after the December 7 polls should be kept ready as they are going to receive the shock of their lives!

Jacob Osei Yeboah who spoke to Citi News confidently stated that he will be winning the 2016 election. He said his victory will come as a shock to all the other three candidates just as his qualification for the race came as a surprise to them.

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This is the second time Osei Yeboah is contesting for the presidency. He contested the first time in 2012. He is currently among the four presidential candidates who were qualified by the Electoral Commission (EC) to participate in the 2016 presidential polls. The other 13 presidential aspirants were disqualified by the Commission for reasons you will find here.

Although independent candidate Jacob Osei Yeboah , also known as JOY is not very popular like the other three presidential aspirants who are contesting under the umbrella of political parties, he is very confident that he will get the people’s mandate to rule Ghana come December 7.

According to Yeboah, he is optimistic Ghanaians will vote massively for him on the election day. He therefore stated that it is important for the three political parties contesting with him to arrange with the country’s health officials for ambulances to be made ready at the residents of Mahama and Nana Addo since it is certain that they will suffer untold shock on that day. The shock of course will be coming from his [JOY’s] unexpected victory.

Jacob Yeboah also indicated that everything is ready for his campaign and manifesto launch, as well as the unveiling of his running mate. This he said will be done on the 28th of October.

According to him, the manifesto highlights the key areas his government will focus on to transform Ghana’s economy and ensure development if elected info office. He also stated categorically that Ghanaians will come to find out after the launch that his manifesto contains the best practices and policies for the country.