Jealous Boyfriend Stabs Lover On Campus For…

Tragedy struck the University of Ghana on Friday night when a jealous boyfriend stabbed his girlfriend after catching her with another man.

The man identified as Ibrahim Musah is reported to be 42 years old. He is currently in custody at the Legon Police Station.

His girlfriend/victim identified as Zara Hussein is a diploma student in Adult Education and resides on campus at the Akuafo Hall.

According to recounts by many eye-witnesses, Musah had come to the hostel to visit Zara when he found another man in her room.

The jealous boyfriend didn’t hesitate to confront the other male guest. Adding more salt to his injury was when Zara took sides with the other male guest.

At this point, Musah was provoked beyond boiling point. He slapped the man and dashed out of the room, only to return with a broken ceramic which he used to stab Zara on the neck.

jealous boyfriend
Ibrahim Musah

This was when students in the hostel intervened and disarmed Musah. He tried to escape but was delivered to the school security who in turn handed him over to the Legon Police.

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Musah later confessed his action to the police. He also revealed that Zara was his fiancée and that they had begun plans to get married right after the Ramadan.

However, he also confessed that for a few months now, Zara had been giving him the cold shoulder and appeared to be uninterested in their planned nuptials.

jealous boyfriend
drops of blood found on the hostel hallway

Musah said that after Zara had called him to say she wasn’t feeling well, he tried to reach her to inform her of his visit.

However, after Zara had ignored his calls severally, he opted to visit her at the hostel where he thought she’d be.

On getting there Musah was greeted with the shock of his life which drove him to do the unthinkable.

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An unconscious Zara who had lost so much blood was rushed to the hospital where she is receiving treatment.