Jilted Bride Invites The Homeless To Botched Wedding Reception In Seattle

It is said in the Holy Bible that the greatest of all the virtues is love. A young woman in Seattle seems to have imbibed it even as she was jilted weeks before her own wedding. Dana Olsen, a 29 year old woman whose groom to be practically backed out just 6 weeks before the set wedding date, decided to turn things around in favour of the less privileged by inviting them for a feast. Dana Olsen was set to wed Brendan McCarthy on January 16, but when he called it off six weeks before the big day, it was too late to get a refund.

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Dana and her mother had spent most of their time in 2015 planning the wedding ceremony for the 250 guests who were invited. The ceremony was set to hold at SoDo Park in Seattle. It was gathered that about $32,000 was invested into the wedding, and since she could not get a refund, she and her mum decided to host the exorbitant wedding reception anyway. They however, hosted 150 homeless women and children who live at Mary’s Place Shelter in Seattle at SoDo Park, a venue in down town Seattle.


The guests were well attended to and a live band was also invited to perform at the event. Some who heard about the event still came and joined in the celebration, and made it more fun. The women at the Mary’s Place Shelter were said to have had their hair done by Lauren Grinnell from  Lala’s Cuts, one of the best hair salons in Seattle. Some people also donated dresses and accessories for the women. Dana was satisfied with what she had done. ”I love that hopefully a lot of people will have a really fun night”, she said.


Her mother Karen Olsen was very pleased with what her daughter had done.

”She just wanted to marry the guy that she loved, and that’s not happening, and if she can’t have that, she is very happy to share it”, she said.

But Dana, understandably did not attend the event, she preferred to go hiking with her dad. Some brave, resilient young woman I would say.

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