Dumsor: Financial and Maintenance Factors Are Govt’s Major Challenges – Jinapor Reveals

Jinapor on dumsor: The Deputy Minister of Energy fears the crisis might return due to financial cum maintenance factors

It seems government has not found a way around the dreaded power challenges which plunged the country into total blackout for up to 3 years. Government has had all hands on deck to get the power crisis under control. Though the situation seems suppressed at the moment, it is feared that dumsor might manage to find its way back into the system.

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A high ranking stakeholder has revealed the underlying factor that constantly impedes the seeming progress made by government on the issue. Deputy Minister of Power John Jinapor, has indicated that the major impediment is that of insufficient funds. He has revealed that finding the needed funds to keep power supplies stable has remained a challenge for government.

Speaking on Joy FM on Wednesday, the Deputy Power Minister feared that the much dreaded power crisis may make a resurgent comeback in the nearest future. Jinapor on dumsor explained that the insufficient funds factor, leads to a maintenance problem which has remained a challenge.

He explained that in the past, sub-stations and transformers did not have to supply power as regularly as it now does because there was a shortage of power to distribute. This has caused an overload of power, which stretches the capacity of the power distribution systems hence, the need for regular maintenance.

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Jinapor on dumsor added that political propaganda by opposition parties have made it difficult for the people to trust the government. While dwelling on the financial cum maintenance issue, the Deputy minister advised against castigating the government regarding the dumsor crisis, for the purpose of party politics.

This he said making reference to how oppositions have made nonsense of government’s profound efforts to address the issue. An example is government’s policy that consumers pay more for power. He said that such if such decisions were not taken, the situation would have worsened; but oppositions have seen such decisions as an opportunity to play party politics.

The Deputy Minister explained that it is not government’s wish to punish the people, which is why it has been transparent on the dumsor issue. He pointed out that dumsor is a problem faced by all Ghanaians and that politicking if it continues to prevail, will take the country nowhere on the matter.

Dumsor has been the popular name used to term the dreaded electricity crisis in Ghana. It became a trending hashtag when the situation went out of control in 2012.