Job search in Ghana can be a long tiring process and one can easily give up if they are not well equipped. Jobs are scarce and finding the right job requires preparation with physical and mental commitment. A correctly planned Job search involves extensive research and strategic planning.

It’s important to job search as effectively and efficiently as possible so you can get a new job quickly. In this article, we’ve highlighted ideas on how you can get a job quickly in Ghana including how to find job listings with the best job sites in the country, how to search and apply for jobs in-person and online as well as how to ace an interview.

Here are the 5 best successful job hunting tips in Ghana to assist job seeker in their task.

1. CV Preparation

A curriculum vitae is the first form of contact between a prospective employer and employee. Companies in this time and age have less concern with long formal applications. A CV has enough details on one’s background, interests, and experience. They are brief and to the point and this saves time. Many sites offer tips and advice on how to make a proper CV which will be precise and fully detailed as well.

The CV is the first impression an employer will get about an employee so it has to be good. Invest in time and resources to get a good finished product. The font should be professional and information summarized. Bear in mind that most employers have hundreds of CV’s to go through so it should be interesting and worth considering. The front page should have a career summary for easy spotting. It should include job durations and real experiences. False information could catch up with the applicant during the interview. One should ensure that they qualify before applying for any position.

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2. Targeting right

One should be sure of what they want and the kind of companies they would like to work for. Mark out the benefits you would like to have while employed and look out for companies that offer such benefits. This would help make the application process shorter by narrowing down the number of potential companies. But then, this is largely for people who have a lot of educational and work experience. They tend to be more choosy and sure of the kind of job they want.

3. Self-marketing

A good CV is useless if it stays with its owner. A CV is meant to be distributed to every place one can think of. Self-belief is important as this is what will lead one to market better. One can achieve more by using the existing social networks such as friends, former colleagues, relatives, family and church mates.

Online CV posting is quite common nowadays; gone are the days when one had to tarmac and face insults. Seek all sorts of vacancies and apply for them by posting online. Vacancies do come up on short notice and even if the dates had closed an applicant could qualify simply because they had sent their CV. Most employers use the CV’s that had not been picked in the first round if need be. Also, consider registering with an employment agency; they help large companies to reach applicants that are most suitable.

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4. Stay informed

Needless to say, the world we live in has developed immensely and no matter how many years of experience one has in their field, technological knowledge is also a necessity. The door to door office visiting is not needed anymore since one can simply make a phone call or send a text message or an email; computers are the in thing. Anyone who can’t use a computer is considered semi-literate. One should update their computer and software abilities whether they have experience or not. That said, an active network with other seekers creates more opportunities. Sharing of information with the right people in the right places and time can sometimes be the needed good luck charm.

5. Keep touch and maintain a hopeful spirit

One should do a CV follow up from time to time to ensure that the intended recipients actually got it. Most companies have a strict policy that they will be the ones to call an applicant after an interview. Such cases turn out to be the best since one is bound to get a good call when they least expect it.

In all, one ought to exercise patience and live their life normally. Engage in hobbies, better any skill or arts and find a good way to pass time. Idling and self-pity only make the situation worse.