A whole lot of the popular Ghanaian celebrities we know and love actually came from very humble backgrounds. It is only a few of them that were born into fame, a greater number had to work their way to fame. Most of the times, one’s dream job or career does not come around from the word go; one may first make do with whatever comes around until he finally gets to his destination – the journey is not always a pleasant one. Sometimes, when they have finally arrived, it sounds quite unbelievable when we try to recall or make mention of what they were previously doing or had to go through to get to the top.

It is a general knowledge that life in Ghana can be quite hard especially if one’s family or relative isn’t wealthy. Apart from family, the Ghanaian economy has definitely struggled over the years leading to the low standard of living for most of her citizens. To compound matters, industries like Ghallywood is still young and developing so the opportunities therein are quite limited.

This has resulted in some of Ghana’s most talented actors seeking acting jobs from a more established movie industry like Nigeria’s Nollywood. While they were trying to get their breakout roles, they had to cater for themselves and some family members who in one way or the other depended on them for their daily bread, be it aging parents, younger siblings, wife or children as the case may be.

This led most of them into doing menial jobs and other conventional jobs just to make ends meet. As fate would have it, most of them are now big time stars both in Ghana and beyond her borders. Looking at how successful they have become today, one may be tempted to think that they’ve been stars all their lives. However, we are here to break the ice by disclosing to you the jobs your favorite Ghanaian celebrities had before stardom. Brace yourselves.

1. John Dumelo – Civil Engineer


Dumelo John is a civil engineer but delved into acting. He’s doing well in both but its actually acting that brought the fame.

2. Kwabena Kwabena – Teacher

Kwabena had a childhood dream of becoming a musician but before the realization of his dream, he was a teacher.

3. Nana Boateng (Kontihene) – Student


He was just an ordinary student and from there he flew into fame.

4. Sarkodie – Graphic Designer


Michael Owusu Addo (Sarkodie) actually studied Graphic designing in a computer school after high school but his passion for music drove him to stardom.

5. Yvonne Nelson – Student


Yvonne Nelson, one of the most famous Ghanaian actresses entered the movie industry while still a student. Today, she is both a producer and an entrepreneur.

6. Emelia Brobbey – Teacher


She is a professional teacher trained at the Presbyterian College of Education. She was teaching before going into acting.

7. Van Vicker – Professional Hair Stylist


When Van Vicker came from Liberia to Ghana, he opened a barbing salon. That was what he was doing before he received a ‘call to serve’ in the movie industry.

8. Bisa Kdei – Café Attendant


Presently one of the best Hiplife singers in Ghana, he was once an online cafe attendant.

9. Agya Koo – Shoeshine Boy

Agya ko.georgebriton

It’s quite surprising that a shoeshine boy would rise to popularity. That’s Agya for you; his passion for acting moved him from grass to grace.

10. Atumpan – Teacher


This dance hall singer was surprisingly a teacher before he went into the world of music.

11. Mzbel – Producer/ Editor


It was her previous job that paved way for her, as it is not so surprising if an editor in a media company turns into a singer.

12. Kwaw Kese – Mason


This big-time Hiplife musician dived from the ‘site’ to the ‘stage’. He was a builder before he suddenly started a career in music.

13. Kumi Guitar – Taxi Driver


Before now, Kumi was a taxi driver but highlife music has really earned him much recognition.

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14. Becca–Childcare Worker


Becca, a dynamic actress was a childcare worker in the UK before she turned a star.

15. Chris Attoh- Radio Personality


Currently one of the most admired actors and tv personalities in Ghana, Chris Attoh started his career with Vibe Fm as a radio personality before he made it to the Television and movie industry.