Everything You Must Know About President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana

John Dramani Mahama  was born on the 29th November 1958 at a place called Damongo in the northern Ghana region. He is a historian, communications expert, a former minister of state and Member of Parliament, as well as a former vice president of the country. President John Dramani Mahama was popularly elected in an election conducted by Ghana’s Electoral Commission on December 07, 2012. This is his first term as President (January 07 2013 – January 06 2017), including serving the remaining five (5) months of the late President J. E. A. Mills’ term. Here are 12 lesser known facts about the president of Ghana:

Rise to Power

Mahama succeeded to the presidency by virtue of being the vice president following the death of the then president john Atta mills that occurred on 24th July 2012.

Coincidence of the Name ‘John’

Incidentally, Mahama is the fourth person named John to ascend to the high office of Ghana’s president. The first was Jerry John Rawlings; the second was John Agyekum Kuffuor, while the third one was John Atta Mills. No significant explanation was given to this, just a coincidence!

John-Dramani-Mahama - John Dramani Mahama

Education and Early Years of President John Dramani Mahama of Ghana

Mahama was born in the northern Ghana region of Damango. His father was the first MP for the West Gonja constituency and also the first Regional Commissioner for the Northern region in the times of the first republic of Ghana. Mahama attended Accra’s Achitoma primary school, Tamale’s Ghana secondary school, and then the University of Ghana in Legon. He later went to the Institute of Social Sciences located in Moscow for further studies.

Early Career

After finishing his education, Mahama went back to Ghana. He worked as the Culture, Information and Research officer from 1991 to 1996 at the Japanese Embassy in Accra. From this post, he went to the Ghana’s Country Office of PLAN International, a non-governmental organisation, where he held the post of a Sponsorship Communications, International Relations and Grants manager.

As Member of Parliament

Mahama is an eloquent defender of the underprivileged, something that made him to be first elected to Ghana’s parliament in 1996, representing the Bole/Bamboi constituency. He was in April 1997 appointed the assistant minister for Communications. By November 1998, he had risen to become a substantive communications minister, a position he held until January 2001 when the NDC party handed over power to the newly elected NPP party.

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