Dumelo and Missing Govt Cars: Actor’s Response To Car Seizure Reports Will Make You Weak

The news of John Dumelo and missing state cars is quite discouraging, especially to his admirers. But the actor’s recent reaction to the unpleasant reports is even much more weakening.

Mr. J Dumelo, the ace Ghanaian movie star has reacted to reports that one of the alleged missing cars belonging to the government of Ghana was recovered from his possession.

In a snap chat, the actor appears to have laughed at the reports after capturing a vendor hawking the Daily Guide newspaper headlining the news and attaching the laughing emoji to it. See a screen shot of the snap chat below.


Some of John Dumelo’s fans have been seeking for excuses with which to exonerate the actor from the tons of criticisms and blames that people have been pouring on him since after the news broke on the media. But with this response, many have decided to count their teeth using their tongue.

John Dumelo and Missing State Cars

Both the web and print media have been abuzz with reports that popular Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo was nabbed with one of the alleged missing vehicles of the Ghanaian government.

It will be recalled that since after the inauguration of the Akufo-Addo led NPP government in January, over 200 cars belonging to the presidency have been reported missing. And the government has consequently delegated some security personnel to sniff out the vehicles from anywhere they are found.

According to Daily Guide reports, the car – a black V8 Toyota Land Cruiser with registration GE 8118 –16 and chassis number JTMHVOJ2F4159829, 2015 model with full option, was retrieved from a spraying shop at Abelemkpe in Accra by National Security operatives.

The report say that the National Security personnel, working on a tip-off, landed at the garage some weeks ago where the state car had purportedly been sent for re-spraying. At the time the security personnel got to the garage, the vehicle had been dismantled and was going through re-modeling with parts allegedly imported from Dubai in order to either enhance the vehicle’s looks or rather to conceal its identity.

They had gotten hold of the auto mechanic working there, who told them that the vehicle belonged to John Dumelo. The actor, who is a staunch NDC activist was then contacted to come to the garage. Upon arrival, Mr. Dumelo reportedly told the security operatives that he bought the Land Cruiser from a car dealer, Svani Company Limited, but is yet to complete the payment.

To confirm this claim, the operatives keyed in the chassis number into a centralized computer system but lo and behold, available data showed that the vehicle was registered in the name of the National Security Secretariat of the Government of Ghana!

Sensing the possibility of an ensuing trouble, Dumelo reportedly changed his story, claiming that it was former First Lady Lordina Mahama who gave the car to him. Refusing to be fooled, the security agents immediately decided to contact Mrs Mahama to confirm the claim but the actor blocked their attempt, pleading with them to stop and just take the vehicle away.

The operatives’ subsequent checks at Svani Motors along the Spintex Road indicated that the company is one of the several auto dealers used by the government to import vehicles for the state, and that the vehicle in question was purchased for the National Security Council Secretariat.

According to Daily Guide sources, John Dumelo reportedly got two V8s from the NDC government whom he vigorously campaigned for in the 2016 election; with his girlfriend driving one of them. On being asked about the whereabouts of the other vehicle, he pleaded to be allowed to produce it after his trip to London. Information from the sources say that Dumelo’s girlfriend is currently on a trip with the other car.

Meanwhile, all ears are still wide open, anticipating to get wind of the next course of action, especially on the part of the government, regarding this news of John Dumelo and missing state cars.