Juliet Ibrahim Biography and Personal Profile

If you see her, you may confuse her for a Hollywood star because of her pure, undeniable beauty and personality. Juliet Ibrahim is one of the most loved Ghanaian actresses of all times, thanks to her unmatched talent in acting as well as her charisma. Many people know her from the screens but there is more to her than meets the eye. If you are an enthusiast of African entertainment then you need to know your favorite celebrities well.

Here are some 10 Lesser known Facts about Juliet Ibrahim

1. She Has Mixed Ethnicity

Many people know Juliet Ibrahim as a Ghanaian, which is correct. What some people may not know is the fact that she has a mixed ethnicity comprising Lebanese, Ghanaian and Liberian. She was born on March 3, 1986 in Accra, Ghana to a half Liberian/Ghanaian mother Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth Ibrahim and a Lebanese father Hussein Ibrahim. Thus, strictly by African terms she should be a Lebanese. However, her citizenship and nationality is Ghana and Ghanaian respectively.

 2. Juliet Has 3 Siblings

Juliet Ibrahim is not a lone ranger; she has three siblings comprising two sisters and a brother known namely: Sonia, Nadia and Nabil respectively. Her sisters are equally beautiful and talented both are aspiring to be actresses and models to follow the footsteps of their older sister. It is not clear whether Nabil will delve into the entertainment industry or he is already in the industry. She was raised in Ivory Coast along with her siblings.

Juliet Ibrahim 3

3. She Has a Decade in Acting

Most people know Juliet from her latest movies and probably thinks she just joined the movie industry. This is very wrong as Juliet has a rich experience in Ghallywood. She has been active from 2004 to present. However, her debut was on 2005 with a movie entitled Crime to Christ, which she co-starred with the famous and handsome Majid Michel. Since then she has starred in a number of other Ghallywood films.

4. She Is A Multi-Disciplinary Graduate

You know her as an actress but she never pursued any course in any field that would lead her directly to filmography. After her pre-education in Lebanon, she moved to Ivory Coast where she pursued her senior education before returning to Ghana to pursue tertiary education in English and Spanish at the Ghana Institute of Languages. She later enrolled in Ghana Institute of Journalism to pursue Marketing and Advertising.

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5. She Is A Philanthropist

Besides her acting skills and the amiable nature, Juliet is kind hearted and empathic. She has a foundation dubbed Juliet Ibrahim’s Foundation through which she offers help to the needy in Ghana. Her foundation has joined other welfare groups to touch the lives of unfortunate and vulnerable Ghanaians. Her foundation’s latest involvement was in raising funds for a young boy (15 years) who was in need of Kidney transplant but his family could not afford to fund the procedure.

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