Jungle Justice: 19-Year Old Suspected Thief Escapes Lynching

Another barbaric act of Jungle Justice was almost meted out to a 19-year-old who allegedly attempting to steal a stationary motorbike at the Wa Central lorry station in the Upper West Region (UWR).

The suspect identified as Issahaku Muizdeen sustain multiple injuries but was rescued after he took refuge in a warehouse a store-owner, Alhaji Inusah Sahanun. According to a brief from the UWR Deputy Police Commander, Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Edward Oduro-Kwateng, Muizdeen attempted to ride away on the motorbike using his master key on Thursday, June 29.

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He said the suspect had wanted to capitalise on the busy commercial activities with a large number of people around the vicinity to steal the bike. Unfortunately for the suspect, his sleek was detected by an on-looker watching over the bike.

“As soon as he got on the bike, an on-looker who had been detailed to keep an eye on the bike raised an alarm,” ACP Oduro-Kwateng said. “The alarm drew the attention of the crowd who they descended and almost killed him.”

The deputy commander said he must have sensed the threat to his life with blood oozing all over his body, thus he somehow escaped the grasp of the mob to seek refuge in the store of Alhaji Sahanun, while pleading for mercy.

Oduro-Kwateng said Alhaji Saharun was the one who had the initiative to called the police who responded quickly to the distress call with an ambulance. He said it took the police a hectic time to disperse the crowd who were after the suspect.

Muizdeem was taken by the police on a stretcher through a back door into the waiting vehicle to the UWR Police Hospital from whence they took him into custody for further investigation.

ACP Oduro-Kwateng reiterated the call to members of the public to desist from carrying out jungle justice to alleged suspects. He urged people to do the right thing by arresting the person and hand him/her to law-enforcing agencies with the relevant information that led to the arrest for further investigations.

“We are worried at the alarming rate of which the youth are getting involved in such mob actions. Apart from innocent blood being shed, nobody has the right to take another person’s life without the due process of the law”, he said.

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Jungle  Justice

This form of mob justice leads to the extrajudicial killing of suspected criminals usually in the open – streets or markets.

The act of jungle justice is notable in a dysfunctional and corrupt judiciary system and where the law enforcement have lost all credibility. Till date, the remarkable example of this barbaric act carried out in the 21st century was that of the Aluu four (Boys) lynching and the Bakassi Boys in Nigeria – an event that shook the entire world.