JUSSAG Threaten Strike Over Unpaid Allowances, Labour Minister Seeks Prevention

The Judicial Services Staff Association of Ghana (JUSSAG) has issued an ultimatum to the government over unpaid allowances threatening to take industrial action should they fail to comply.

The outstanding allowance which dates as far back as October 2016 has reportedly put the staff in dire financial circumstances. The president of the association, Alex Nartey revealed this in a written statement addressed to the Judicial Secretary.

His statement reads:

“The leadership of JUSSAG has been under severe pressure as a result of the failure to release funds for the payment of the above-named allowances. Respectfully, it will be recounted that staff of the Judicial Service were assured of the implementation of the consolidated salaries with effect that once the consolidated salaries are paid, the protracted payment of benefits and allowances due staff will be a thing of the past.”

Mr Nartey affirmed that the only way to prevent an imminent strike is to pay the allowances.

“We count on government and management to alleviate the economic stress on our members to fend off any industrial action,” he said.

The JUSSAG president pointed out that the change in administration is not enough to prompt any further delays as it clearly doesn’t affect state associations like JUSSAG.

“The change of government does not affect the state institutions like ours. The parameters are clear, and they are those we are engaging with,” he said.

JUSSAG threatened that failure to pay the outstanding allowance before the 26th of April would cause them to advise themselves accordingly. The president concluded; “By 26 October if something is not done we will advise ourselves. Until then I am unable to clearly indicate which direction the Association will go….Issues of these nature are in themselves industrial action.”

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The NPP administration wasted no time in replying what is perhaps the first threat dished out to their over 100 days old government.

The government has already scheduled a meeting with its numerous stakeholders to tackle the crucial matter.
The Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Ignatius Baffour Awuah speaking on EyeWitness News said that at the meeting scheduled for Tuesday 25th April 2017, he would ensure that the allowance issues are amicably resolved.
The minister said;

“I have said that all the stakeholders involved in this particular issue be brought to a roundtable discussion on Tuesday. The letter itself was not addressed to us as a Ministry. It was addressed to the Chief Justice and we were copied but that notwithstanding we still think that it will be important to invite all the stakeholders to see how best the issue can be solved amicably.”

The Ghanaian government is no stranger to these types of threats from the JUSSAG who are always relentless on pursuing whatever cause they seek, from service improvement to staff salary review. Click here to read about their immediate past indefinite strike.