Justice Anin Yeboah: Ghanaian Supreme Court Judge Now FIFA Disciplinary Committee Chairman

Supreme Court Judge, Justice Anin Yeboah, has been elected as the chairman of FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee. Justice Anin was confirmed on Thursday, May 11, at the FIFA Congress in Bahrain after polling 98 percent of the votes. The Supreme Court judge is also among three justices tipped for Ghana’s Chief Justice position in June 2017.

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Justice Yeboah is an ardent football supporter who has served in several football judicial bodies. The Justice has served on various judicial bodies in the Ghana Football Association (GFA), including the Disciplinary Committee and Appeals Committee. He also served on the Appeals Committee of the Confederation of African Football (CAF).

In May 2016, he was elected member of the adjudicatory chamber of the FIFA Ethics Committee – an appointment that will last for four years. The Ethics committee is a body primarily responsible for investigating possible infringements of the FIFA Code of Ethics. Justice Yeboah

Other members of the adjudicatory chamber of the Ethics committee include; Oscar Vicente Scavone Rivas (Paraguay), Akihiro Hara (Japan), Damiani Juan Pedro (Uruguay), Abdoulaye Diop (Senegal), Hallen Yngve (Norway), Jack Kariko (Papua New Guinea), Liu Chi (China) and Alan Rothenberg (USA).

Nana Addo Congratulates Justice Anin Yeboah

Ghana’s President, Akufo-Addo has congratulated the Ghanaian Supreme Court Judge on his newest appointment.

Justice Anin Yeboah has more than 25 years experience at the Ghana Bar beginning from 1978 when he was first called. In 2002, justice Yeboah was appointed to the bench after recommendations by the Ghana Bar Association. He served as a High Court Judge until his promotion to the Court of Appeal, and subsequently to the Supreme Court in 2008. He is a lecturer in Civil Procedure at the Ghana School of Law.

Justice Yeboah is not the only African who earned a slot in the just concluded elections. Several Africans were voted onto many committees at the congress. Here is a list of Africans at various FIFA committees.

Disciplinary Committee

Chairman: Justice Anin Yeboah (Ghana) – Supreme Court Justice

Members: Maclean Letshwiti (Botswana), Guy Akpovi (Togo), Mahmoud Hammami (Tunisia)

Appeal Committee

Members: Jean-Louis Atangana Amougou (Cameroon), Alberto Simango (Mozambique)

Ethics Committee – investigatory chamber:

Deputy chairman: Martin Ngoga (Rwanda) – Former Prosecutor General

Members: Janet Katisya (Kenya)

Ethics Committee – adjudicatory chamber:

Members: Justice Ayotunde Phillips (Nigeria)

Audit and Compliance Committee:

Members: Andrew Kamanga (Zambia)

FIFA Disciplinary Committee

This committee is a supreme body which oversees the affairs of the world football governing body. The committee makes major decisions for the parent body in accordance with the FIFA Disciplinary Code. These decisions are made in the presence of at least three members. However, in special cases, the chairman may decide alone.

The Disciplinary Committee in some cases imposes sanctions on members, clubs, officials, players, game agents and players’ agents, as defined in the Statutes and FIFA Disciplinary Regulations. The Committee is composed of a chairman, a vice-chairman and the number of members deemed necessary. The chairman and the vice-chairman must have legal training.