Kenyan Man Takes 83-Year-Old Mum To Harvard University 24 Years after His Graduation for the Most Touching Reason!

The story of Chris Mburu and his mother is that of a heartwarming grass to grace experience of a Kenyan man from a humble origin, but had the opportunity to attend the popular American Havard School of Law.

However, Chris Mburu’s mother was unable to attend his graduation in 1993 because the fare from his nativity in Kenya, to Havard in USA was completely beyond the financial limits of the family then. But Chris certainly had a plan which recently came to fruition.

Now UN Senior Human Rights Advisor, Mr. Chris Mburu finally succeeded in bringing his sweet mum, now 83 years old, over to the Havard University. The Kenyan man could not contain his joy as he hopped on to his Facebook page to share his happiness with the world; and since then, his gesture has been making waves on the media.

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Chris seized the opportunity to actually celebrate his mother whom he described as one of the smartest people he has ever known. According to Mr. Mburu, even though her mum is uneducated, she values education so much. Sharing pictures of their happy times at the school, he wrote:

When I graduated here 24 years ago, my mother was absent from the ceremony, because it was too expensive for her to make the trip from my native village in Kenya to the United States. So you can imagine the joy I felt last week as I brought her for her first visit to the university, at the age of 83! Though uneducated herself, my mother has always valued education and indeed remains one of the smartest people I know.

83-year-old Mrs Mburu who was visibly grateful, posed in a red Havard Mom sweatshirt as well as a Havard Mom mug during the visit.

Below is a screen shot of Chris Mburu’s Facebook post.