KKD: Ace Broadcaster Reveals Surprising Secrets Behind His Walking Stick

Ace Ghanaian broadcaster, Kwasi Kyei Darkwa, popularly known as KKD has spoken up on the actual reason why he uses a walking stick.

For some years now, KKD has always spotted a walking stick which he uses to support himself while standing. However, the stylish manner in which he rocks the stick has made many not to give any other thought to it other than that of fashion purposes.

This assumption has reportedly prompted some upcoming Ghanaian youths especially those who admire KKD to start spotting walking sticks. But their model who has come to notice this has come out clear on the actual reason he walks with a stick.

Speaking during a recent media interview, KKD revealed that his walking stick has got nothing to do with fashion. According to the long time broadcaster, his knees got swollen as a result of depression which he suffered while he was in custody over alleged rape charges back in 2015.

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He explained that his knees got swollen after he had an accident which caused him a knee injury. His knee was operated on, but it eventually turned out to be the wrong option for the injury; a mistake which cost him a complete recovery, thereby leading to his using a walking stick.

Explaining further, KKD said that those who are using walking sticks because they saw him doing so are merely imitating his disability.

“For those who see me with a walking stick thinking it’s a swag, you’re rather imitating my sickness,” he pointed out.

5 Fascinating Facts About KKD

1. KKD Is a Born Communicator

Right from childhood, KKD had wanted to become a public personality. He loves being a representative and wants to be seen and heard. The broadcaster also revealed that his father told him he was created differently by God when it comes to knowledge and public communication.

2. He started Practicing his Career as early as Age Six

Those who know KKD and his exceptional flawlessness in broadcasting will attest to the fact that he is really talented in that field. According to him, he started writing plays for acting in his school right from the time he was six years old. And from the ages of 15, he has already started writing advertising copy and was also recording jingles and voice-overs.

3. KKD Bought his First Car at 18

At the age of 18, KKD achieved a rare feat unusual of his fellow African youths by buying himself himself a Fiat Campagnola 4X4. He used the vehicle then to convey his working equipment.

4. He Doesn’t Take Alcohol and Cigarette

Many might find it difficult to believe that such a popular and handsome dude like KKD does not take alcoholic drinks neither does he smoke. He revealed this in an interview, saying he has never tasted alcohol nor tobacco, but only takes natural drinks like water, fruit juices and coconut water.

5. He is very Stylish and Looks Younger than his Age

KKD ranks top on the list of celebrities whom you could hardly make a correct guess on their age. Known for his unique designers outfit, KKD is way older than many people can imagine. Little wonder his walking stick was mistaken for a swag!